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Top 10 Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas to Try

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Mommy and me photo shoots come in a variety of styles. Portraits with a small child or adolescent, images with an adult offspring, and generation pictures with a grandmother are all possibilities.

However, how do you plan a creative and memorable mommy and me photoshoot that will entice customers to use your services? In this article, I’ll share with you the most creative shooting ideas, locations, and poses.

1. Picnic


One of the most traditional family photography ideas is to photograph children and parents on a picnic. Before your photoshoot, you should consider and prepare all of the props. A picnic basket full of food and drinks, a blanket, colorful paper decorations, lanterns, and other props will assist you in taking interesting shots.

Allow time for a family to relax and feel at ease in front of the camera to ensure that they appear natural in photographs. Encourage them to play or participate in their favorite outdoor activities. When you notice that they are not embarrassed in your presence, you can begin taking photographs.

2. Hug

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One of the most natural and common mommies and me poses is a hug. Position the mom away from the camera and the baby toward the camera for a memorable portrait. The child has the option of closing their eyes, looking to the side or looking directly into the lens.

Remember that even if you come up with the most creative mommy and me photoshoot ideas, you won’t be able to sell your photos if you don’t know how to edit them well. If you have no prior experience, you can seek assistance from our professional service. A skilled team will quickly improve your images to meet industry standards.

3. Wearing Fancy Dresses

mom and daughter

Some people prefer to appear more elegant and festive in their photographs. As a result, you can offer them a photoshoot in costume. This is one of the most creative mother-daughter photography ideas. Changing into different outfits is always enjoyable, especially for girls.

You should advise mothers not to wear dresses or clothing that restricts their movement, as this will make it difficult for them to strike family portrait poses. Loose-fitting dresses and suits will make them feel more at ease. Furthermore, you can benefit from the fabric movement, which adds visual interest to the photograph.

4. Cooking Together

Invite mom and the kids to bake or cook together. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for fun family photo ideas because it allows children and parents to not only capture memorable images but also have a good time together.

It may be difficult to implement, as with other cool mommy and me picture ideas, because it is difficult to keep the children’s attention during a photoshoot. They quickly tire and have temper tantrums. However, by providing them with an activity, you engage them in the process and they will not perceive it as a photo session.

5. Body Paint

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If moms enjoy art, using non-toxic body paint to decorate themselves and their babies is a great idea. Capture the process of painting each other as well as the end result. This is also a great idea for maternity photography. In this case, you can use bright colors or characters to decorate the belly.


breast feeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most heartfelt moments for a mommy and me photo shoot. Capture nursing sessions to show the inextricable bond that exists between mother and newborn.

You can also photograph mothers feeding their babies from bottles. This is an excellent option for women who are unable to breastfeed. Such photographs appear to be no less memorable and sensitive.

7. Fashion Shoot


You can offer up-to-date moms’ mommy and me photoshoot ideas that combine fashion photography and mommy and me photoshoot ideas. While this concept may appear to some to be a forgery, it is a good solution for stylish Instagram moms, bloggers, and those who like to experiment.

To take stunning photographs, you should learn more about the fundamentals of studio photography and how to use lighting equipment.

8. Incorporate Props

When preparing for a photoshoot with the youngest children, gather some toddler or newborn photography props. Use colorful balloons, toys, a photo-worthy book, and bubbles to entice the child and put your mommy and me photo ideas into action. You can also add to the theme of the photoshoot by bringing inappropriate props.

9.  Wrapped in Fabric

Wrapping the baby and mother in lightweight fabric, such as chiffon, is a very touching and delicate idea. As a result, the image will appear to be one of the best works in the fine art photography genre. If you’re looking for artistic maternity photo ideas, this is a great option.

10. Jumping on a Bed

The addition of movement to a photograph always makes it more appealing and dynamic. This is a fantastically simple method for capturing stunning candid photography. Request that Mom and the kids jump on the bed. It’s usually entertaining, and the child’s natural smile is always attractive.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.

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