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adding text to photo

Do you often find yourself wishing that you could just write your thoughts down on a photo? Well, here is your chance! Let me show you how to add text to your photos and make them speak for themselves. You’ll be amazed at how much more impactful and powerful a simple photo can be when

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How to Use Eye-Lines 

When shooting a person, put an eyeliner in the shot. It’s important to understand how these affect the way you look at a photo. The has a face in the photo. The eyeliner has the ability to draw attention to another part of the photo. It also creates tension and other photographic elements. Eye-Lines When

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New Real Estate Photography Statistics

Great images, such as high-quality photos, play a big role in the work of professional photographers, realtors, and even homebuyers. These real estate photo statistics allow professional photographers to use systematically collected data to improve agent work decisions and speed up the prospect search experience. First, 68.9% of agents believe that professional real estate photography

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