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New Real Estate Photography Statistics

Great images, such as high-quality photos, play a big role in the work of professional photographers, realtors, and even homebuyers.

These real estate photo statistics allow professional photographers to use systematically collected data to improve agent work decisions and speed up the prospect search experience. First, 68.9% of agents believe that professional real estate photography can help brand their business. Then look at real estate photo statistics and facts to see how to sell your home using high-quality photos and other types of real estate.

Use of Agent Professional Listing Photos

One of the best ways people can choose a realtor is to use the photos in the list description to find out if they are selling their home or real estate well. A staggering 90% of consumers use real estate agents to buy and sell real estate, even with readily available information on the Internet. This is more real estate photo stats that show how important professional real estate photos are to sellers or agencies. 72.2% of agents agree that high-quality real estate photos can help them win more deals. Video and high-quality photos sell 68% better than those without video. Real Estate Photo Outsourcers receive twice as much commission as others. However, only 35% of realtors employ professional photographers.

Impact of Real Estate Photography on the Number of days it Goes Public

About 32% of homes with high-quality photos sell faster than homes without real estate photos. Homes with a single photo are on the market for an average of 70 days, but a listing with at least 20 high-quality images in the listing description lasts up to a month. In addition, homebuyers spend an average of 124 hours looking for new homes. You can get the buyer’s attention even if you don’t have poor-quality photos or no photos at all, but high-quality real estate photos can help keep your viewers’ attention for 20 seconds. As a result, homes with professional images will see 61% more views and faster sales, even if they’re only on the market for a few days. According to IMOTO, 88.0% of agents agree that real estate photography helps improve presentations and views. Online-Increase Offers In addition, the majority of real estate professionals believe that virtual staging, aerial photography, and indoor video services by real estate photographers are most likely to receive more offers.

Impact of Real Estate Photography on Selling Price and Value

Real estate photos not only drive online views and boost sales, but professional-quality images bring list sales closer to real prices by 39%, so high-quality photos convert quote requests into high sales. Useful for. 47% higher supply per square foot. So if you have a professional real estate photo, a home listed in the $ 200,000 to $ 1 million range could sell for $ 3,000 to $ 11,000 or more.

Effects of Photography on Selling Strategies

High-quality photography is worth a thousand words and only professional photographers can take high-quality professional photography. To sell a home quickly, you need to provide an accurate depiction of the home or room. That’s why 69.8% of agents hire professional photographers and believe that high-quality photography reduces the number of days on the market. About 61.3% of agents believe in quality. Photos are “important” and 31.0% consider real estate photographers to be “important” when selling a home. However, only 15% of homes use high-quality photos, and half of properties worth more than $ 1 million use low-quality photos. If you want to join the ranks of potential buyers, sellers, and photographers who can win the competition, use high-quality photos to increase your credibility and win more photographers.

Google search for the home buying process increased by 950%. According to a report from the National Real Estate Agents Association, 87% of online homebuyers see photos as one of the most useful features to list websites when looking for a new home they like. This figure from the. National Real Estate Agents Association is why viewers spend 60% of their time reviewing images and only 20% on explanations.


Data-driven research, real estate photography statistics, and decision-making are an important part of the industry, as real estate buying and selling involves huge sums of money. With these real estate photography stats, you’ll be able to produce high-quality listings when planning, selling listings, asking for more money, or expanding your market to attract more buyers. Understand the impact of photo and video services.

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