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How to Use Eye-Lines 

When shooting a person, put an eyeliner in the shot. It’s important to understand how these affect the way you look at a photo. The has a face in the photo. The eyeliner has the ability to draw attention to another part of the photo. It also creates tension and other photographic elements.


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When we talk about eyeliner, we are talking about the suggestive lines that appear when one follows a person’s gaze. These lines are similar to horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. can be used to draw stresses and other elements such as triangles. Our eyes are naturally drawn to faces. Faces are about the most powerful visual weight you can have in a photo. Lines capture our attention.It’s natural curiosity to follow our eyes. As viewers, we want to know if we share the same interest in what has caught our attention.

This makes the eyeline an important part of the image structure. You can use them very effectively. Insufficient or no use can have a detrimental effect on your photos. The effect depends on where your eyes are looking, such as when your eyes are looking directly at the camera.

Just like you see this when taking a image, focus on your eyes and don’t explore the rest of the photo too much. Check out the photo below of the model looking straight into the camera lens. Their eyes look very dramatic and carry a lot of emotion. Human faces are very expressive and emotional.This is one of the reasons they attract our attention.

If your subject is looking elsewhere in the frame, you’ll spend less time looking at your subject. This is because you can’t learn much about motives from them. Also, what’s important here is exactly where the motives are looking. You can also explore this area. It’s up to you to make it a model or where to place the subject. In the photo below, I have not used eyeliner to form a photographic element. Nor does it warn of anything particularly interesting, leaving a sense of unresolved tension and ambiguity. This is another great technique at your disposal.

It’s been mentioned several times before, but doesn’t really show how to do it. How to use eyeliner as a photo element. In the photo below, I used the model’s eyeliner to the edge of the breakwater. This extends to the tip of her arm. And from that point on you will be guided back to her face. This created a triangle, oriented towards the body of the model due to the order in which the lines were followed. You can choose where you want the triangle to start within the wonderful dotted line of using the eyeliner as one.

Similarly, choose where you want to end. If the eyelines in the photo are inconsistent, you can use selective focus to select the real subject. There are two ways to do this. Be clear about who you want to focus your attention on and encourage your audience to explore areas they deem less important. Eye wanted her line and used a negative facial expression from the girl on the left to direct the viewer’s attention to the girl on the right between her two subjects. This works well the more interesting the facial expressions of each subject are.

You can see it in the photo below. This creates a balanced weight between the two subjects. You can then use other elements to grab your audience’s attention. The lighting on the right side and facial expressions allow us to see this subject for more time. Etc. If your eyes are hidden in the photo B. If you’re wearing sunglasses, it’s up to us where we think our eyes will be visible.

The effect of the eyeliner is mitigated, but it still remains. You can collect a lot of information from the subject’s body language. In my picture below, you can see which direction the subject is facing. But it’s not a very important feature because it’s on the outside of the frame and hidden by the glasses. If the photo has multiple eyelines and they are visible throughout the frame, we look at the photo longer. Tends to. In the photo below, no one is looking at the same place.

This is unusual for a group of people who don’t move. Your eyes move within the frame, starting with the eye that looks best on the girl on the right. All of these lines are in different directions and introduce a dynamic tension element. It starts to look unresolved.

When it comes to taking good photos of people, a lot comes down to anticipating and knowing how you want your photos to look. I used a very wide aperture. My photography is much more open in my style, so I lifted the camera up and focused. This caught my subject and turned me on. The end result is a very natural looking photo with visual weight in all the right places. is ready and you just have a rough idea in your head of the desired end result. .

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