Creating magical photo memories at Disneyland is a wonderful way to capture the joy and wonder of the experience. Whether you’re visiting with children or enjoying the magic as an adult

1. Castle Silhouette:
Capture a silhouette shot in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle during the golden hour. This classic shot captures the magic of Disneyland and the enchanting silhouette of the iconic castle.

2. Character Meet and Greet:
Document the joy on children’s faces or the childlike wonder of adults as they meet their favorite Disney characters. Pose for photos with characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or beloved Disney princesses.

3. Mickey Ears Detail:
Focus on the intricate details of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears. Capture a close-up shot of the ears adorned with unique accessories or customized designs, showcasing the individual style of each visitor.

4. Balloon Bliss:
Take a whimsical photo with a cluster of colorful Disney balloons. Choose balloons that match your favorite characters or simply add a pop of color to your photos as they float against the Disneyland backdrop.

5. Dapper Day Delight:
If visiting during Dapper Day, capture the elegance of guests dressed in their finest vintage-inspired attire. Focus on the charming details of their outfits against the backdrop of Main Street U.S.A.

6. Carousel Elegance:
Pose on one of Disneyland’s carousels, capturing the elegance and joy of the moment. Choose a horse, chariot, or any whimsical seat and let the carousel’s lights create a magical ambiance.

7. Adventureland Exploration:
Document the thrill of Adventureland by capturing shots as you explore the jungle or cruise along the Rivers of America. Include lush greenery, exotic settings, and the Adventureland sign for a perfect Disney adventure photo.

8. Teacup Twirl:
Get a dynamic shot while spinning on the Mad Tea Party ride. Capture the joy and laughter as you twirl in a colorful teacup, creating a whimsical and lively photo.

9. Fireworks Finale:
Capture the breathtaking moment when the night sky is illuminated by Disneyland fireworks. Position yourself near Sleeping Beauty Castle for a magical display and capture the awe-inspired expressions of children and adults alike.

10. Parade Poses:
Document the excitement of a Disney parade with vibrant floats and beloved characters. Capture the joyous expressions of onlookers as they enjoy the lively procession of characters, music, and dancing.

11. Splash Mountain Splash:
Take a candid shot as you plunge down Splash Mountain. Capture the sheer thrill and exhilaration on the faces of those riding, with water splashes frozen in mid-air for a memorable action shot.

12. Toon Town Togetherness:
Explore Mickey’s Toon Town and capture the vibrant colors and whimsical architecture. Pose near iconic structures like Mickey’s House for charming and playful photos.

13. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge:
Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe at Galaxy’s Edge. Capture the excitement as you encounter characters like Rey or Kylo Ren, or pose with the Millennium Falcon and other iconic Star Wars elements.

14. Enchanted Tiki Room Exuberance:
Document the joyous atmosphere of the Enchanted Tiki Room with its tropical setting and animated birds. Capture the laughter and smiles as guests enjoy the enchanting show.

15. Pixar Pier Playfulness:
Explore Pixar Pier and capture the playful energy of attractions like the Incredicoaster or the Pixar Pal-A-Round. Include the vibrant colors and whimsical designs that make Pixar Pier a joyful experience.

16. Peter Pan Flight:
Snap a photo aboard Peter Pan’s Flight, capturing the magic of soaring over London and Neverland. Emphasize the sense of wonder on faces as guests embark on this enchanting journey.

17. Haunted Mansion Mystery:
Capture the eerie charm of the Haunted Mansion, either during the day or at night. Use creative angles and lighting to highlight the spooky atmosphere and ghostly characters.

18. Frozen Fantasy:
Enter the world of Frozen and capture the enchanting moments with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the Frozen castle backdrop. Let the snowy setting create a magical and wintry atmosphere.

19. Tomorrowland Tech:
Explore Tomorrowland and capture the futuristic elements, including the iconic Space Mountain or the sleek architecture. Use neon lights and dynamic compositions for a futuristic and space-age vibe.

20. Posing with Pixar:
Pose with life-sized Pixar characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story Land. Capture the joy on faces as guests interact with these beloved characters.

21. Floral Fantasy:
Embrace the floral beauty of Disneyland by posing near the meticulously manicured gardens and flower arrangements. Choose areas like the hub in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle for a magical floral backdrop.

22. Candy Coated Colors:
Visit the Candy Palace on Main Street U.S.A. and capture the vibrant colors of the candy displays. Use the candy-coated backdrop for playful and colorful photos.

23. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade:
Capture the excitement and energy of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. Focus on the lively characters, vibrant floats, and the joyful expressions of those watching the parade.

24. The Enchanted Rose:
Explore Fantasyland and capture the enchantment of the Beauty and the Beast area. Pose near the Enchanted Rose or other iconic elements that transport you into the fairy tale.

25. Character Dining:
Document the joy of character dining experiences where Disney characters visit tables. Capture the smiles, laughter, and interactions as beloved characters engage with guests during meals.

26. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Transformations:
If visiting with little ones, document the magical transformations at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Capture the joy as children are turned into princesses or knights.

27. Mickey’s PhilharMagic:
Capture the animated magic of Mickey’s PhilharMagic by posing in front of the iconic theater. Use creative angles to convey the whimsy and excitement of this 4D musical adventure.

28. Jedi Training Academy:
If your young ones participate in the Jedi Training Academy, capture their bravery and excitement as they face off against Star Wars villains like Darth Vader. Freeze the action for an epic shot.

29. Carousel of Progress Nostalgia:
Step into the Carousel of Progress and capture the nostalgic charm of this classic attraction. Use vintage-inspired filters to enhance the retro vibe of this Tomorrowland gem.

30. Monorail Moments:
Capture the iconic Disneyland Monorail as it glides above or through the park. Use interesting perspectives to highlight this futuristic mode of transportation against the backdrop of Disneyland.

31. Tangled Lantern Magic:
If visiting during the evening, capture the enchanting Tangled lanterns near Rapunzel’s Tower. Use the soft glow of the lanterns to create a magical and romantic atmosphere.

32. Peter Pan’s Neverland Flight:
Document the whimsy of Peter Pan’s Flight by capturing shots of the pirate ships and the starlit journey over London. Use low-light settings to enhance the magical ambiance.

33. It’s a Small World Joy:

Capture the joy on faces as guests ride “It’s a Small World.” Focus on the vibrant colors, smiling dolls, and the international charm that makes this ride a timeless Disney experience.

34. Pixar Play Parade:
Attend the Pixar Play Parade and capture the dynamic and lively moments of this colorful procession. Highlight the joyous expressions of those participating or watching the parade.

35. Winnie the Pooh Playfulness:
Enter the Hundred Acre Wood and capture the playful and whimsical moments of the Winnie the Pooh attraction. Use the honey-colored lighting to enhance the charming atmosphere.

36. Goofy’s Sky School Thrills:
Experience the thrill of Goofy’s Sky School in Disney California Adventure Park. Capture the excitement and exhilaration of the twists and turns on this wild ride.

37. Nemo Submarine Voyage:
Dive into the underwater world of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Capture the enchanting marine life and vibrant colors as you journey through this submerged adventure.

38. Gaston’s Tavern Triumph:
Visit Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland and capture the triumphant poses in front of the tavern’s entrance. Embrace the charm and rugged beauty of this Beauty and the Beast-inspired locale.

39. Captain Jack Sparrow Encounter:
If you encounter Captain Jack Sparrow in New Orleans Square, capture the swashbuckling spirit of this iconic pirate. Freeze the action as he engages with guests for an adventurous photo.

40. Jedi Temple Ruins:
Explore the ruins of the Jedi Temple in Galaxy’s Edge and capture the mysterious and ancient ambiance. Use creative angles and lighting to add a sense of adventure to your photos.

41. Fantasmic! Spectacle:
Attend the nighttime spectacular, Fantasmic!, and capture the magical moments featuring beloved Disney characters, fireworks, and water projections. Highlight the awe-inspiring scenes that make this show unforgettable.

42. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Whimsy:
Experience the whimsy of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and capture the dynamic and unpredictable moments on this classic attraction. Freeze the action for a photo that embodies the wild spirit of the ride.

43. Frozen Ever After Elegance:
Capture the elegance and enchantment of Frozen Ever After in Epcot. Use the icy blue lighting and intricate details of the ride to create a magical photo.

44. Cars Land Cruising:
Cruise through Radiator Springs in Cars Land and capture the vibrant colors and retro charm. Pose near iconic Cars characters like Lightning McQueen for a photo that radiates excitement.

45. Astro Orbiter Adventure:
Soar high above Tomorrowland on the Astro Orbiter and capture the exhilarating views of the park below. Freeze the action for a photo that conveys the thrill of this classic ride.

46. The Sword in the Stone Ceremony:
Attend the Sword in the Stone ceremony in Fantasyland and capture the magical moments as guests attempt to pull the sword from the stone. Freeze the hopeful expressions and determined efforts for an enchanting photo.

47. Finding Dory Friends:
Dive into the underwater world with characters from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Capture the playful and colorful scenes featuring characters like Dory and Nemo.

48. Haunted Mansion Holiday Delight:
Experience the holiday-themed Haunted Mansion and capture the delight of this seasonal overlay. Use the eerie yet festive atmosphere to create a unique and enchanting photo.

49. Alice in Wonderland Whimsy:
Embark on a whimsical journey with Alice in Wonderland and capture the fantastical scenes. Use the vibrant colors and playful designs to create a photo that transports viewers to Wonderland.

50. Jungle Cruise Adventure:
Set sail on the Jungle Cruise and capture the adventurous and humorous moments along the river. Focus on the lively interactions between skippers and guests for a photo that embodies the spirit of the attraction.

51. Mysterious Blue Bayou:
Dine at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square and capture the mysterious and atmospheric ambiance. Use the dim lighting and reflective waters for a photo that captures the essence of this unique dining experience.

52. Matterhorn Bobsleds Thrills:
Brave the icy peaks of the Matterhorn Bobsleds and capture the exhilarating twists and turns. Freeze the action for a thrilling photo that conveys the excitement of this iconic Disneyland ride.

53. Casey Jr. Circus Train Joy:
Board the Casey Jr. Circus Train and capture the joyous and whimsical scenes along the track. Focus on the vibrant colors and playful design of this family-friendly attraction.

54. Enchanted Tiki Room Serenity:
Step into the Enchanted Tiki Room and capture the serene and tropical atmosphere. Use the colorful birds and Polynesian-inspired setting to create a photo that radiates tranquility.

55. Tarzan’s Treehouse Adventure:
Climb through Tarzan’s Treehouse and capture the adventurous spirit of this attraction. Use the lush greenery and treetop views for a photo that transports viewers to the heart of the jungle.

56. Pixar Fest Fireworks:
Attend Pixar Fest and capture the dazzling fireworks display that lights up the night sky. Use the vibrant colors and reflections to create a photo that captures the magic of this special event.

57. Dumbo the Flying Elephant Elation:
Soar high on Dumbo the Flying Elephant and capture the elation and joy of this classic ride. Freeze the moment as guests control their own flying elephants for a whimsical photo.

58. Indiana Jones Adventure Expedition:
Join the adventure on the Indiana Jones Adventure and capture the thrilling and mysterious moments inside the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Freeze the action for an epic photo that conveys the excitement of the expedition.

59. Main Street Window Shopping:
Capture the charm of Main Street U.S.A. by posing in front of the whimsical storefronts. Use the vintage-inspired facades and window displays for a photo that exudes the nostalgic atmosphere of this classic area.

60. Sleeping Beauty Castle Dreams:
Capture the dreams and magic of Sleeping Beauty Castle with creative perspectives and angles. Use the castle as a backdrop for whimsical and enchanting photos.

61. Mickey’s Halloween Party Spookiness:
If visiting during Mickey’s Halloween Party, capture the spookiness and Halloween-themed fun. Focus on the festive decorations, costumes, and unique atmosphere for photos that embody the spirit of the season.

62. Ariel’s Grotto Underwater Elegance:
Pose in front of Ariel’s Grotto and capture the underwater elegance of this Little Mermaid-inspired locale. Use the pastel colors and whimsical details to create a photo that transports viewers under the sea.

63. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Whimsy:
Embark on Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and capture the whimsy and charm of this classic dark ride. Freeze the action for a photo that conveys the enchanting and adventurous moments along the journey.

64. Jedi Holocron Magic:
Explore the marketplace in Galaxy’s Edge and capture the magic of the Jedi Holocron. Use creative lighting and angles to highlight the mysterious and ancient qualities of this Star Wars artifact.

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