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How to use Dropbox on your iPhone to save or share files and access them from any device

A free, basic Dropbox account includes 2 GB of storage space, which is sufficient for storing and sharing a large number of photos, documents, and videos between devices.

Dropbox is useful because you can access all of your stored files from any device as long as you’re logged into your account. Accessing and sharing those files is now easier than ever with the Dropbox app on your iPhone.

Here’s how to use the app to share and add Dropbox files.

How to Share Files Using Dropbox on Your iPhone

To share a Dropbox file from your iPhone, first, download the Dropbox app and then sign in to your existing Dropbox account.

1. Tap the “Files” icon at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Open the folder with the Dropbox file you want to share. 

3. Tap the three dots under the file.

4. Tap the word “Share” and enter your recipient’s contact information. 

5. Tap the “Share” button to complete the sharing process.

How to Upload Files to Dropbox on an iPhone

1. Tap the word “Create” at the bottom of the Dropbox app screen.

2. Select “Create or Upload File.”

3. Tap “Upload File” on the menu, then hit “Browse.”

4. Locate the file you want to upload on your iPhone, then choose where on Dropbox you want to keep it. 

5. Tap “Upload.”

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