How To Repair And Restore Old Photos

How to Repair and Restore Old Photos

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Restoring old photos brings back memories: long-lost relatives, school friends, and photographs from memorable vacations decades ago are all examples of memories that are far too valuable to be allowed to fade.

Create a digital copy of pictures

Create a high-quality, high-resolution copy. There are two ways to go about it. The first method is to scan a copy. The second method entails taking a high-resolution RAW image.

 Use photo editing software

Photoshop is the preferred tool for restoring old and worn-out photographs. Lightroom does not provide nearly as much flexibility as Photoshop. Repair color, brightness, and contrast issues, and adjust the white balance. Repair any scratches. Always start with a new blank layer and, in any case, keep a backup of the original RAW photograph or a scanned copy.

The Spot Healing Brush tool allows you to quickly repair areas of the photograph that have been damaged due to the passage of time. This tool is capable of being used in content-aware mode. It means that when you brush over a damaged area, Photoshop automatically samples the surrounding areas and patches over the affected area. This tool is ideal for restoring sections of a photograph that have been completely destroyed.

The tool may not always function as expected. To ensure that the final result is acceptable, you will need to go over the areas again subtly, sampling and retouching. The Clone Stamp Tool allows for finer editing, particularly in areas where the Spot Healing Brush tool is ineffective. The Patch Tool is also very helpful. It enables you to select patches of the photograph, even those near the edge, and blend a texture over them. Make sure you’re in Content-Aware mode.

The final touch would be to reduce the contrast. When restoring an old photograph, it is not always necessary to add contrast.

If pictures need more complex repair and restoration

If your photos require more complex repair and restoration, or if you want to colourize black and white images, you may need the assistance of professional photo retouchers. Their services are not particularly expensive, but the end result may be quite impressive. There are many enhancements that can be done to old photos and vintage images to make them look new again: remove scratches and damages, clean up, enlarge and sharpen, recolor and refurbish, and so on. And all of these restoration tasks can be completed online. Simply use PICFIXS to find the best retouchers from around the world who will be happy to do this editing for you.

With PICFIXS you can get old photo restoration in just a few easy steps!!

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  • Upload Your Photo
  • Write Detailed Instructions, Attach Sample Photos.
  • Get Your Edited Photos Back.
  • Accept The Work Or Request Changes (If Necessary).

Download your renewed old photos

Finally, download your updated old photos and double-check that everything is in order: all fixes have been made, all damages and scratches have been removed, and all colorization is correct.


Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.


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