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How to Photograph a Pregnant Woman

Photographing an Expectant Mother

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The natural beauty that appears when a woman is pregnant is wonderful, but how you capture it may not be.

So, how do you capture that beauty without making a woman appear fat or exposing more skin than she desires?

During pregnancy, most women do not feel as beautiful as they are. So what better way to make a woman feel beautiful than to photograph her?


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The first thing a woman should know is that you respect her. Be mindful of how you talk about her stomach and look for opportunities to compliment her.


Make her feel at ease. Pregnancy is not always, if ever, a pleasant experience. Make sure you have a sturdy chair for her to sit in so she doesn’t get too tired. Pillows are also useful to have on hand so that when they sit, they can still get the necessary back support. This is an exciting time for her and her husband as they prepare to welcome their first child into the world. Discuss the upcoming baby and their plans for it. Capture the expressions on her face and the love they have for the new baby.


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Look for ways to make your body look better. Shoot from eye level or above, just as you would when photographing someone else. Experiment with full-body shots. Experiment with some close-up shots. The most flattering pose for most pregnant women is to stand sideways with their back leg slightly forward. This accentuates the belly’s curve as well as the woman’s natural curves. Pose with the husband and don’t be afraid to let him be the centre of attention with the woman in the background.

Capture images of the mother gazing at her belly, followed by images of the father gazing at the belly. Include children or dogs in the photo, and take pictures of the family or children interacting with the belly. A good pose with one arm on top and the other on the bottom emphasizes the belly. Take pictures of just the mother’s, just the father’s, and all family members with their hands on the baby’s belly. You can even have your parents’ hands from a heart on your mother’s belly.

Have Fun

Make use of props and different locations, and simply let your subjects have fun. Props like a pink or blue ribbon tied around the baby’s belly block spelling the baby’s name, or small shoes sitting on the belly are entertaining. Try going to places that the whole family will enjoy, such as a park or a fun place to relax. It can be entertaining to take pictures of the mother’s growing belly; look for creative ways to do this. Assist your subject in having fun, learning their story, and capturing their smiles.

Helpful Maternity Photography Tips

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 Encourage the mother to do what makes her feel beautiful

Women in general, especially pregnant women, will feel more comfortable and confident with a little extra sparkle on the day of the photos, whether she has her hair or makeup done or buys a new outfit.

Be strategic and aware

Be aware of the flattering and unflattering positions that highlight specific body features. Avoid angles that define sensitive areas for women. My face was particularly pudgy when I was pregnant. I felt as if I were stuffed inside a fat suit, which bothered me; I didn’t want to appear that way.

If I were to choose a maternity session pose for myself, I would try to shoot down on myself and have myself look up towards the camera. If I was shooting straight on, I would be aware of the camera angle and would look down gracefully to admire my bulging belly.

 Be encouraging

Talk to your client and let her know when she looks particularly lovely. Show her the photo, if you have a good one, and help her realize how beautiful she is. The more confident you make her feel, the more confident she will be in front of the camera, and the more she will enjoy her photos.

 Shoot small details

Tighten up on the belly. Take photos of the adorable baby items that have been lovingly arranged in the nursery. Pay attention to the details that your client has mentioned. These seemingly insignificant details are priceless and wonderful to remember.

So, there you have it; I hope this was useful. I try to approach maternity shoots with as much empathy as possible in order to make the momma feel beautiful, even if only for a short time. Best wishes and happy shooting!

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.

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