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 DIY Photo Backdrops for Memorable New Year’s Eve Photos

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What’s the point of having a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration if you can’t document it? Setting up a photo booth is quickly becoming a party tradition, so we wanted to share some fantastic and creative DIY backdrops for memorable New Year’s Eve photos that will bring back amazing memories every time you look at them!

Dotted NYE Backdrop


Adding polka dots to your backdrop is one of the simplest ways to make it party-appropriate and enjoyable! Check out Somewhat Simple’s tutorial for a quick and easy dotted NYE backdrop – we know how many of you put off decorating your home until the last minute!

Glitter Backdrop


Sparkling decor, sparkling wine, and sparkling makeup are all the rage on New Year’s Eve! If you’re running late for your decorating duties, go to Party Delights and learn how to make an incredible glitter backdrop that will make everyone in the photos shine!

Heart Backdrop 


Are you going to end the year completely in love with someone special? Celebrate this love by including a large heart in all of your photos! Design Love Fest will show you how to make this large heart backdrop that will add a romantic undertone to all of your photographs!

Festive Balloon Backdrop 


Nothing says party like a room full of balloons, and Lauren Conrad knows this better than anyone! Bring a cheerful mood to all of your New Year’s photos by creating a festive balloon backdrop, which will result in some of the most stunning NYE photos ever taken!

Sequin Backdrop 

Sequin Backdrop 

A colossal sequin as a backdrop? Please, yes! If there was ever a way to make your photos look opulent and opulent, this is it! Make a statement with this sequin backdrop from Oh Happy Day! You’ll love us to the moon and back once you see how your New Year’s Eve photos turned out!

Tinsel NYE Backdrop 

Tinsel NYE Backdrop 

Purchase a large bag of tinsel decorations and prepare to roll up your sleeves because Lovely Indeed is about to show you how to transform that bright and colorful tinsel into the most majestic New Year’s Eve backdrop of all time! The photos for this year are going to be amazing!

 Silver Fringe Backdrop 

While everyone else is putting up their gold New Year’s Eve decorations and trying to figure out how to make gilded backdrops, you’ve decided to be the outcast and break the rules this year. Style Me Pretty’s silver fringe backdrop will help you rebel against gold’s reign and bring some silver magic into your New Year’s Eve photos!

 Silver Fringe Backdrop 

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.


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