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Best Tips for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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If you’re “friends with the camera,” you may one day be asked to do a pre-wedding photo session. It’s an increasingly popular event. It could be the wedding photographer that was asked to do this. Or maybe someone else. There is less pressure at a wedding. But it is still a difficult task. What is pre-wedding photography? It could be an engagement photo session. But more and more, interactive sessions are embracing this proposition. The pre-wedding session is an opportunity to plan a photo shoot together. Nothing makes the average person more stressed than being told to “relax!” by a photographer. You are not pressured about the wedding day. But you also have no excitement or adrenaline. Not knowing how to photograph couples can make some photo sessions difficult. But if you prepare properly, you can make the shoot go smoothly. Your pre-wedding photos can be just as special as your wedding photos. So if you’re nervous about pre-wedding photography, read on. We have some tremendous pre-wedding photography ideas for you.

Tell Their Story

This is probably the most important pre-wedding photography idea of ​​all. This is the couple’s life and their story. A good portrait shows the person behind the photo. Likewise, pre-wedding photos aren’t just Instagram snaps. They should tell us something about the couple. Both individually and as a couple. The pre-wedding photo session allows couples to celebrate their love and their future together. You have the privilege of helping them tell this story.

Don’t Forget to Edit

If you’re good at editing, use it. If not, now might be the time to learn with our Non-Stop Editing with Lightroom course. There are so many presets available for Lightroom that you won’t even have to create your own. There is a certain look to your pre-wedding photos that you can easily achieve with some careful editing.

It’s OK to Be Silly

Sometimes. The list of silly things that look good in photos is endless. These include things like pillow fights, splashing in fountains, and eating the same piece of spaghetti. The bottom line for pre-wedding photos is that they look fun and natural. This may include creating faces. This is another thing that people are quick to do. Especially if it means no need to pose formally. So sticking out your tongue or pulling on a monkey’s head can add a sense of humor. And try to do them right from the start of pre-wedding photography. This will help everyone relax.

Go, Solo

Although this is a pre-wedding photo session, there may be room for individual photos. Maybe not one of them is completely single, but at least use depth of field to focus on one. While it’s about them coming together, it’s also about them as individuals.

Use the Golden Hour for Golden Moments

The days of official studio shoots for pre-wedding photography are probably over. This means using available light. And that is good news. Studio lighting has to work really hard to look natural. The available natural light is just that: natural. Of course, in your planning meeting, lighting should be an important topic. Planning to use Golden Hour should be on your priority list. But even if you can’t handle that, make the most of natural light. For example, shooting in the sun can add drama. Overcast skies produce beautiful, soft, and even light. Just make sure you don’t let harsh light ruin your pre-wedding shoot.

Frames Aren’t Just Made of Wood

It’s really easy to focus on the couple and not let your photos breathe. Wedding photographers understand that framing the bride and groom can make for a great photo. The same goes for pre-wedding photography. When planning your pre-wedding photo shoot location, consider these possibilities. The arch of a bridge or canopy is a great example of a frame that you can use. Take advantage of the depth of field to create a distraction-free frame. And remember, placing your subject in the center of the frame is not always the best solution. The rule of thirds is your friend, my friend.

Props Can Make All the Difference

Accessories can be almost anything. But they must be related. Presumably, they both play basketball, so it’s nice to have one as a prop for fun shots. Maybe they ride a Harley Davidson. It would be a mistake not to take some pictures of them sitting on it or with it. If you get a chance, try a few shots while they’re rolling. This will make for a unique pre-wedding photo session. Simple things can put husbands and wives at ease. Not everyone can sit comfortably on the floor (like me, for example). But a mat and a picnic can create excitement. And that makes the couple unable to take their eyes off being photographed. This is an important item on your “sex” list when you first meet your spouse.

Don’t Forget the Small Things

Small details can say a lot about a couple during pre-wedding photography. Maybe they’re both wearing the same sneakers. A photo of their feet can become a compelling image for their date tag. Maybe they have tattoos related to their romance. These are the things that should be in their pre-wedding photoshoot. A photo of them together can also make for the perfect shot.

Don’t Forget Your Plus-One

It won’t be for everyone. And that may not be possible for you. When I have a photo session with people, it’s helpful to have an assistant. Regardless of your background, there’s a lot to think about on the technical side of things. An assistant that can spot stray hair or trash in the background is invaluable. The more you work with an assistant, the more he will understand your needs. It becomes a virtuous circle of improvement. Small details can ruin the perfect pre-wedding photos.

Don’t Stop Shooting When They Relax

The candid shot can be a great addition to a pre-wedding photo session. A candid photo is one that reveals the truth. Hence, caring touches or stroking hair out of the face of the one they love. These moments can be magical. And that’s where the long lens comes in handy. Something like a 200mm lens allows you to keep your distance. Usually, the more they forget they are taking pre-wedding photos, the more relaxed the photos will be. It’s about alertness and awareness of possibilities. Here’s another moment where burst mode can capture that perfect moment.

Keep Them on Their Toes

One way to overcome the awkwardness of the pose is to let the couple move. Walking, running, and cycling are all possible. Obviously don’t let them sweat and run out of breath. Choose the movement that works for the couple. If they are naughty, jumping in a puddle can be a good move. There are many possibilities. A rowing boat on the river might work. Maybe if it’s winter and they like to skate, you can take advantage of it. The key here is to make them forget the fact that they are in a photo session. Get them to enjoy something they’re doing together. Then all you have to do is capture that moment. Continuous mode or burst mode can help here.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo

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