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Looking for creative beach photo ideas to try this summer? Want to fill your Instagram account with sunny, fun beach pics? Today, we’re sharing 50 must-have beach photography ideas, our picks for the perfect beach, and photography tips. I’m sure you’ll find something new.When is the beach photo shoot? For family, friends, Instagram, and couple photos, we recommend the following photo ideas. Try to take great pictures with simple things. All you need is a beach.

Create a Beach Photography Portfolio

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Do you know what is most important? To share your masterpiece with your community. As a photographer, you need a website designed to showcase your photography portfolio. We recommend WordPress as a hosting platform, along with Modula, a powerful photo gallery plugin.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo

Take Care of Your Camera and Lens

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Want to bring your fun beach photo ideas to life? Then get ready to get sand everywhere, even on camera. Bring a plastic bag to store your device when not in use. Put away your camera when it’s too windy You can also minimize contact with sand by attaching the lens to your device before heading to the site. Use clear UV filters for added protection and to adjust exposure and lighting. Finally, when switching to a different lens, make sure your gear doesn’t cope with sand, wind, or water.

Adjust White Balance

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Want to add some warmth to your Instagram beach photos? Then play with white balance. Setting the mode to Cloudy gives the image a warm tint. Shoot at dusk or sunrise for amazing results. In this case, changing the white balance will improve the water and sky colors. Choose sunny or automatic mode during the day. You can see the deep blue sea and the white sandy beach.

Mind Important Beach Photography Settings

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There is no doubt that the beach in summer is very noisy. You can always take great pictures of happy kids splashing, young people playing volleyball and cool surfers. If you want great results, always adjust your photos individually using the portrait camera settings. Please use the sports mode of the EOS M series camera. High-speed continuous shooting You can continuously shoot in-focus photos of a subject that you want to capture continuous movement.

Learn Features of Spot Metering

You are lucky if your camera has spot metering. It helps avoid some of the exposure issues mentioned above. You can use them to determine which parts of your shot need to be properly exposed. Apply when there is bright light that reveals shadowed areas. This optimizes problem areas.

Don’t Forget about Exposure Bracketing

Photographing the beach in the middle of summer can be difficult due to the intense lighting. As a result, the camera may underexpose the image when using automatic mode. Manual mode allows you to choose the exposure level. As for me, I look at what the camera wants to expose in the photo and overexpose it by a stop or two.

Pay Attention to Clouds

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Even with dark clouds, beach photo ideas are easy to achieve. Don’t be upset if a severe storm hits the place. Dramatic photos with dense clouds in the background usually look great on water that contrasts with the sky. Use free cloud overlays to bring out the beauty of the sky.

Use Monochrome Effects

A black-and-white photo on the beach takes on a completely different mood and atmosphere. Photo post-processing can also be used to brighten photos on cloudy days or when the light is too bright (glare).

Don’t Forget about Flash

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Most photographers dream of realizing their beach photo ideas on a sunny day. Natural light is perfect for capturing vivid action photos and captivating seascapes. However, the position of the sun can cause the model’s face to cast slightly more shadows, so photographers need to be careful. please do not worry. You can avoid this by using your camera’s flash. Enable flash to minimize striking shadows.

Mind the Horizon

An unobstructed horizon can spoil the idea of ​​beach photography. Have you ever seen shots of open space that show a sloping horizon? Agree, that looks terrible. Therefore, special care should be taken to ensure that the horizon line is perpendicular to the composition of the photo. Finally, try not to center the horizon. Otherwise it will look like it has been chopped in half.

Choose a Proper Time

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Early mornings and evenings are the best times to bring your beach photo ideas to life.If you want fewer people in your photo, choose the first part of the day. In the morning you can enjoy the beautiful sun and great angle of view and take some really cool pictures. Evenings are also great for mesmerizing shots thanks to the warm, golden light. This hour is known as the golden hour. Golden hour is the time to take some cool photos on the beach. she’s there sunrise and sunset

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo

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