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Adobe Reader Portable seems like the perfect software for our daily work with PDF files and we need a reliable tool that can read and convert our documents. You can copy it to a USB drive and use it on any PC. Portable Adobe Reader is mistaken for the official version of the original product, which may not look like it at all.Why is this program not on Adobe’s official website? What are the main differences from Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version? Answers to these questions can be found below.

What Is Adobe Reader Portable?

Adobe Acrobat Reader Portable is nothing more than an illegal copy of the original software that can be downloaded from third party websites. Hackers modify the code and remove some tools to create a so-called “free” version. Most users would be happy to download software products for free. However, this method will not save you money and will make you invest more in dealing with virus attacks on your PC. After installing “freeware”, you should be prepared for malware attacks and missed deadlines if your system is hacked.

Adobe Reader Portable or License Version?

Third-party services offer pirated software far from portable licensed copies, as licensed versions can only be downloaded from official websites. Be aware that installing them may put your system at risk. If you’re still considering downloading Adobe Reader Portable, read Potential Vulnerabilities first.

Adobe Reader Portable Disadvantages

Disruptions and malfunctions

Pirated programs are notoriously unreliable, so be prepared for constant crashes after launching PDF Reader Portable. If your system is unresponsive, rebooting may not help much. Also, this software is not compatible with other Adobe programs.

Malware threats

The portable version may be infected with viruses. Some of them may not be recognized by your antivirus software, so be prepared to reinstall your system. I have.

No updates

If you buy a pirated version, forget about the latest update. Anyone who regularly updates Adobe Reader knows that annotation is possible with the official software. The “free” version does not have this option.

Adobe Reader License Advantages

Software reliability

Hackers don’t care about functionality or usability issues. Also, you don’t have to keep all the tools in your licensed product in Portable PDF Reader. In contrast, official developers strive to create software with the needs of their users in mind. If you want to make sure the program doesn’t crash, download Adobe Reader from the official website.

Advanced functionality

Thanks to the constant stream of updates, users benefit from the latest changes being constantly introduced by the developers and get the chance to be the first to try out new tools. Editing, sharing, and annotating PDF files has never been easier.

Technical support

If you need help while using the software, you can always contact our support team. Problems are fixed in no time as the root cause of the problem can be fully identified.

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