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5 fantastic product photography ideas to help you sell more.

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Did you know that people form their first impressions in as little as 50 milliseconds?!

There isn’t much time to capture the attention of your potential customers, so you must make every second…or millisecond…count. And you can do it with stunning product photography.

Product aesthetics are important no matter what you’re selling, from beer to hoodies.

We’ll give you 5 great product photography ideas in this article to inspire you to take amazing photos of your products that will engage your customers and help you sell more.

Make use of a reflected surface

Using a reflected surface adds a little something extra to an otherwise simple product photo. 
You can use a photo manipulation tool to create a reflected surface effect, or you can make your own reflected surface with a mirror. Adjust the lighting in the room to make this look more professional (or again, use some photo editing software to do this).

Make use of props.

Using props is another way to help your customers imagine how your product(s) will be useful to them. If you use other products you sell as props, you may be able to sell more of those as well.
This photograph evokes a strong sense of adventure. If the photo was just of the watch, we’d know what it looks like…but that’s about it. This photo tells an interesting story while also informing us about the product and the brand that sells it.

Suspended goods

This is your chance to experiment with your photography skills, have fun, and, most importantly, leave a lasting impression.
Images of suspended products look impressive, and while it will take some effort and trial and error to get it right, you can take a photo similar to this by using some clear fishing line. After that, you (or your graphic design friends) can use Photoshop to remove the line.

Independent product
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We’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to what you should put around your products. We’ve gone overusing props, setting up a scene, and showing your product in action. However, there are times when nothing beats a stand-alone product.
Frills aren’t always necessary. Sometimes having all of the attention on your product can be just as effective.

Show your personality

Taking photos of your products is an opportunity to not only showcase them but also to express your personality. When customers identify with your brand’s personality, it strengthens your relationship and can instill a sense of loyalty in them.

Consider your brand’s personality and how it can be portrayed in product photos. A good example is shown below:

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The towel remains the focal point of the shot, but we can imagine ourselves in this situation because we can see someone using it. As a result, the brand begins to sell more than just towels. It promotes adventure, relaxation, and sunlight.

Bonus Hint The best tip we can give you if you want to take really great product photos is to invest in a good photography setup. If you want to be really professional, you’ll need to find the right camera, a tripod, and some artificial lighting.


Product photography is one of the few ways to visually capture the attention of potential customers in the world of e-commerce. Even smartphone cameras can take amazing photos these days, so to truly stand out and sell more, you must think outside the box.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.

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