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It’s difficult to think of male model poses that actually look good. What appears to be natural? Where should you begin? What options are there? Also, as a photographer, you may be wondering what equipment you should bring with you. Which camera and lens backpack is the best?

Actually, there are a plethora of natural-looking poses for men. They can be used for any type of shoot, from fashion to headshots.

I’ll give you a great practical list of poses for men in this article. Using these male poses, you’ll be able to make your subject feel at ease while taking stunning photos.


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This appears to be a natural, relaxed pose. Basically, it’s a natural-looking pose that doesn’t appear to be staged. It’s sometimes referred to as a “Contrapposto” pose.

Tell your model to ignore the camera and relax naturally. Because every male poses differently, this posing technique for male models will always look unique. This is why this is one of the most popular male model photography poses.


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When a man leans against something, he can easily pose. This is another good pose for a male photoshoot because it produces photos that appear relaxed.

When combined with his arms folded, this male model pose works well. Having one of his leads cocked and the tips of his toes against the ground can also be appealing.

When you offer directions, keep an eye on your model to see if he understands. Some guys will pick up on what you want faster than others.

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A male photoshoot will frequently include walking poses for men. Another pose that helps guys feel relaxed and confident is a casual stroll.

Your male model will pose better if he is relaxed and not aware of the camera, so instruct him to walk slowly and confidently.

Male model photography Doing something mundane allows you to produce more stunning images.

To match his gait, his expression should be relaxed.


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Increase the pace and make him look more determined for the brisk walk pose. Pose for men when they appear to be attempting to convey power.

Again, his expression must be in sync with the way he walks for this male pose to be effective.

When you have your model walk towards the camera, he looks different than when he walks across your field of view. To get nice sharp images, you’ll need to follow the action and be precise with your focus.

Communicate with your male model in a clear and concise manner. If necessary, ask him to walk a little slower while maintaining the same level of calm.

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Here’s another natural, unforced male model pose. He’ll be sitting on a park bench or in a cafe as if he’s waiting for a friend. He must appear natural in his surroundings, so choose your location for this male model pose carefully.

You may need to give him some pointers on how to properly use his hands. Pay attention to the details in the male body poses to avoid looking awkward. Take a look at his hands. What is the shape of his arms?

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To make guy poses look more natural, ask your model to stand up and walk around a little. Then, in a natural manner, have him sit back down.’


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His male standing pose gives him a balanced, confident look. As if he were standing at a bar with one leg on the kick rail.

Alternatively, you could stand on something higher, such as a chair. Allow him to lean on his leg when it is high enough.

Experiment with the shot in both directions.

Pose for men like this one can often work well from a variety of angles. Position your camera so that it is side on to your model. Then turn a little more in front of him, to about a 45-degree angle.

Make sure he still looks good when you move around in front of him.


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In the fashion industry, this is a popular male model pose. Don’t get your guy to stare into your camera lens all the time.

The soft look away poses for male models can be used to create a thoughtful portrait in a subtle way. You can change the appearance of this pose simply by having your model look up or down.

Male poses like this one are primarily concerned with the direction of the gaze. It’s still important to watch how he positions his hands. If it’s used as a standing pose, make sure his legs and body are properly positioned.

It can be a good idea to tell your male model to imagine what he’s looking at. If there’s nothing interesting around, create some scenario for him to think about. This will help his expression.


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Consider a variety of seated male body poses when thinking about male body poses. A man becomes more relatable when he is relaxed at a table or on the ground in a park. Communicate effectively with him so that he is aware that he appears relaxed.

‘How do I make myself look photogenic?’ he may be thinking. This is part of your job as a photographer. When arranging male model poses, you must reassure him that he looks fantastic.

He will become more relaxed and confident as a result of your actions.

This alone will make your photos more impactful and realistic.


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When arranging poses for men, such as the step-up pose, place yourself at the top of a flight of stairs. As he walks towards you, instruct him to keep his gaze high and straight ahead. Alternatively, have him pose in a freeze-frame. This will allow you to concentrate on him more easily.

Alternatively, you could stand below him and photograph him as he walks away from your camera.

Once you’ve got a few frames with his best foot forward looking like he’s in motion, get him to move. It’s more difficult to capture real-life action. Shoot a lot of frames and choose the sharpest one – the one with him in focus and looking good.

The step down is a pose for men with a different feel than the step-up pose. Have you man walking down the stairs towards you, or away from you. This creates an alternative appearance to when he’s walking up the stairs.

As he comes down towards you have him look more pensive. Maybe he has one hand in a pocket, looking thoughtful. Naturally, his eyes will be looking at where he’s walking. Don’t forget this when you take a freeze-frame shot or two of him in this pose.

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Another popular male model pose is the arching arm. Consider how to pose like a male model, and you’re likely to envision a man with an arching arm.

This is a straightforward pose. You check to see if one or both of his arms are straight. This gives him a more dynamic shape than when his arms are at his sides.

If you add a slight lean to this pose, he’ll look like a movie star. The arching arm poses for male models, when combined with the right expression, can convey the image of a powerful man.

This is potentially one of the best male model poses.


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Have your guy stand square to the camera and look back over his shoulder as he poses. As if someone had just called his name. If you can get his partner to do it, you might get a nice, natural smile.

Male photography poses like this one show a close-up view of his face. Take note of his neck. This has to look good as well. If he stretches too far around, you won’t be able to see enough of his face.

Male poses that are photographed from behind are very effective. Get him to look back at you over his shoulder. This can be paired with a cheerful or glum expression. Make it a point to inform him of the look you desire.

If you want him looking directly at the camera, ask him to turn from his hips, not only his neck. This will make the look more natural and easy.

Asking him to look off to one side and not directly at you creates a similarly effective male model pose.


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When instructing a man on how to pose for a photo shoot, you should ask him for one specific pose.

That is the “interested” pose.

When a male model poses sitting, this is commonly used. Allow him to lean forward and look directly into your lens. To emphasize this look, his elbows can be resting on his knees. It must be accompanied by a strong display of interest.

So his shoulders don’t come forward too far, tell him not to put all of his weight on his elbows.


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Male poses with the guy’s hands in his pockets convey a sense of casual confidence. He appears to be at ease and content.

This male model pose is appropriate for both formal and informal settings.

Position your man’s hands so that they look good. If he’s dug his hands deep into his pockets, his expression will be very different from if he’s just put his fingers in.

You get to choose the look you want.


A tightly cropped portrait with one or both hands open on the cheeks creates an interesting look.

Have your model lean against a table with his elbows on the table and his chin in the ball of his hand. What does this look like with his fingers together? Alternatively, spread out a little.

Having him place one or two hands on his face will result in a couple of very different pictures.

Consider how your guy looks when he leans hard on his hand and when he justs rest his chin lightly.

When a guy poses with his chin resting on a fist it creates a strong portrait. When he rests his cheek against the same fist, the look is a lot different.

Both fist side by side with knuckles together is another worthy variation on this pose to try.

As with the open hands-on-face pose, this one works best when he’s leaning with his elbow on a table or some other surface. Like this, it looks more natural.

The ‘creative hand on face’ is a variation on this pose. It was mastered by the late, great Irving Penn in his portrait of Truman Capote, (and others.)  Be creative with your male model poses. Get a little unconventional.

Study the shape of your model’s face and hands. Arrange them together for the look you want. 

The creative combination of hands used in male poses can produce unique photographs.


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Lie down by the pool or on a bed. Relaxing poses for men add a new dimension to your male photoshoot.

Get him to lie on his side with his head propped up with this hand. Alternatively, he could lie on his back with both hands behind his head. Make him bend one or both knees.

Work with the location where the male model will pose for the photoshoot. Allow him to truly relax as he would naturally.

This may differ if you are photographing him while he is lying on the beach or in a deck chair.

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