Top Websites for Selling Photos Online and Making Money

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Do you want to make money by selling your photos online? Do you want to know which websites allow you to sell stock photos?

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If you know where to sell your photos online, you can easily earn some extra money (or even start a new career!) as a photographer. Photographers of all skill levels are in greater demand for their work than ever before. Large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers all buy and use photos on a regular basis online.

We will share the top 12 best places to sell photos online and make money doing what you love in this guide.

Who buys stock photos, and what kinds of photos sell well?

Bloggers and small to medium-sized website owners are the largest buyers of stock photos.

What kinds of images do they buy the most?

People from every country and culture — children, adults, and everyone in between!
People at work — These images are extremely popular among businesses. People working on laptops, writing, speaking at a meeting, and so on. Just don’t make them so generic that they turn into a meme.
Food — Various types of delectable foods, as well as empty, unwashed plates.
Tools — Gears, hammers, nuts, bolts, and screws can communicate a lot to potential buyers.

Cities — cityscapes, buildings, and commuters
Nature — This is a no-brainer that never goes out of style to shoot or sell.
Travel — Photographs from all over the world are always in demand.

Pro tip: To see more of the most popular images, look through the categories of some of the image marketplaces we’ll be discussing.

Best Websites to Sell Your Photographs Online

1. On Your Own Website

Your own website is the best place to sell photos online.

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This is because:

You are free to set your own prices.
Nobody else gets a cut.
You have complete control over how your photos are displayed.
You have the option of establishing your own terms and conditions.
In a nutshell, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

You don’t yet have a website? It’s not difficult to get started. Check out this simple guide on how to make a WordPress photography website. WordPress powers the vast majority of professional photography websites on the internet.

Following the creation of your website, you must present the photos in a visually appealing manner in order to attract visitors and persuade them to purchase your images. To create image galleries for your photos, we recommend using a top-rated WordPress plugin like Envira Gallery.

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you can also create photo albums with beautiful customizable Lightboxes to display and categorize your images.
The Envira Gallery plugin also includes a WooCommerce add-on that allows you to easily sell photos. If you decide to sell your images on your own website, learn how to sell photos in WordPress.

If you don’t want to use WordPress, here’s a comprehensive guide to building a website with Wix or Squarespace.

2. Fotomoto

Fotomoto is not an online marketplace, but rather a widget that you can embed on your website to help you sell photos online. After you’ve added it to your site, Fotomoto will handle all of the photo selling processes for you.

Fotomoto, like Etsy, allows you to sell digital photos, photo prints, and even canvases to visitors to your website. Furthermore, Fotomoto takes care of the packaging of your material photos so you don’t have to. If you want to sell physical photo prints or canvases, it doesn’t get much easier!

What’s particularly appealing about Fotomoto is that the widget itself is fully customizable. You can change the settings of the widget to display your own branding information, including your logo! Customers will learn your brand and associate it with your images this way.

Fotomoto has some great features that will work seamlessly with your existing WordPress site, whether you are a hobbyist photographer, professional photographer, or graphic designer. To learn more about the widget’s monthly, tiered plans, and transaction fees, go to its website.


Crestock is a more passive way to monetize your photography. Simply create a free Crestock account and upload your photos. After the Crestock team has reviewed your images, they will be added to your Crestock portfolio for customers to purchase.

You can add keywords and descriptions to each image, increasing your chances of being approved by Crestock editors. Those same keywords and descriptions will help your photos stand out among the sea of stock images on this and other sites.


Snapped4u makes it simple to sell your event photos. Snapped4u was created to make your life easier and your pocket thicker if you shoot weddings, parties, engagements, or other events.

Snapped4u allows you to create a gallery and upload images from an event you shot to that gallery. Then you set the price for the photos and… that’s all there is to it!

Snapped4u then sells your images as jpeg files and emails them to your buyers right away. The money you earned is then sent to you via PayPal on the first of each month by Snapped4u.

Customers who book you for multiple events can always find your images in the same place because each Snapped4u seller has her own gallery page. You can also share your personalized URL with anyone you think might be interested in purchasing your photos.

Snapped4u gives you the highest profit margin on every sale. Snapped4u will charge a commission if the photos are sold at a high price.

5. PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter is an online store that sells and delivers prints to customers. They enable you to create a template for sharing photos.

However, you must purchase storage space on their platform in order to upload your photos. There are several monthly and yearly plans available, each with its own set of features.


TourPhotos is a global hub for tourists and travel photographers. In fact, many travel agencies and tour companies use it to upload photos of their adventure trips for sale to attendees and the general public.

It is an excellent platform for travel photographers to sell their images online to a similar audience. And you’ll most likely be inspired by all of the stunning photography that appears on TourPhotos!

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.


We hope this guide has assisted you in locating the best sites for selling photos online and making money. Let us know which stock photo site or strategy you’re most excited to try in the comments.

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