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Tips For the Sweetest Mommy and Me Photoshoot

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Mothers are often the custodians of family memories, which means they are often overlooked in family photos. Mom and Me photos are the perfect way to ensure that family photos also contain memories with Mom. Photos of mom and I look great at all ages and stages. Ideas include photos of mothers and babies, portraits of mothers with their teenage or adult children, or even building sessions with grandma. But how do you get the most out of your mom and me photo session? Here are eight tips for getting the most out of mom and baby photos.

Make the Shoot Fun

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Mom and I photo sessions aim to recall motherhood days that tend to fade away as children get older. In order for your child to receive the most authentic expression, make the lesson fun. Keep a friendly tone, even when filming doesn’t go according to plan (as with kids, most of them don’t go as planned). Be prepared with a list of fun things that will keep kids entertained. It could be activities, like playing games or dancing together. You can also use props like balloons or stuffed animals for kids to play with. For extreme weather conditions or children with shorter attention spans, scheduled breaks. Children may need to cool off the summer heat or put on a coat and warm up for a few minutes during the colder months. Toddlers can also enjoy a snack. Taking breaks can help young children smile, interact and play much better. Remember to be flexible. If you get stuck with an idea in your head, you may miss an even better idea than just happening naturally. Forcing the child into positions will only lead to uncomfortable smiles.

Help Mom Feel Confident

Chances are the family has hundreds of pictures of the children and very few pictures of the mother. Mom may be the most important person when viewing these final images. This means that as a photographer, you have to help moms feel confident in their photos. Make sure you understand the essentials of posing to capture the best mother. Create curves by placing arms and hands. Avoid making her stand up straight in front of the camera. What’s closest to the camera will always look bigger. So shooting from a high angle is not only pleasing to the mother but also very effective when holding a baby or hugging a toddler. For mother and baby photography, posing becomes even more essential. Many new mothers are uncomfortable with their appearance. For new moms, try shooting at or above eye level. The position of an infant or older child can also help draw attention to the face. We are often too critical of our own photos. Help boost her confidence by making her look great with a neat pose. Giving her small compliments can also help.

Photograph the Everyday Moments

Often, it is the everyday moments that are most precious. Don’t hesitate to take pictures of them! Perhaps the mother comforting her toddler is not part of your carefully orchestrated seminar. But if you see a mother-child moment, don’t hesitate to capture it. She can wipe away a few tears, help tie a shoelace or straighten an outfit. Even if the pose is not perfect, these images can turn out to be the most special. It goes even further with lifestyle photography. Ask your mom about some of her daily routines and recreate a routine or two to capture the sweeter aspects of every day.

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Create an Opportunity For Interaction

While posing portraits of a mother and child have their place, the most cherished images often come from interactive photo sessions. The interaction not only helps create genuine smiles but also serves as a memory of happy days together. Ask the mother about the different things she likes to do with her children or the things that make them smile. Something as simple as tickling or peeing can create natural smiles and sweet interactions. Lifestyle Sessions can use even more fun activities like cooking together, reading stories, or playing games.

Look for Great Light

Like any photograph, the light will make or break the portrait of mom and me. A mom and I photo session involve a lot of interaction, so it tends to work best with a simple lighting setup. Avoid lighting arrangements where a child’s misstep will turn into a bad light. A setup with three flashes, for example, is difficult to achieve with an active toddler. Shade is beautiful and easy to work with. The golden hour backlight is also great for any portrait. When working with children, make sure the golden hour is not after bedtime. The window light works well indoors, as well as simple studio lightings like setting up a flash or two or strobe lights.

Plan the Wardrobe and Location

Some photographers provide wardrobes for moms and photo sessions (especially themed sessions). For others, it’s the mother who takes care of the wardrobe. In either case, planning is necessary. For themed photography, make sure the wardrobe matches the decor and props, as well as the mother and child. Although mom is planning a wardrobe, you should give advice on what to wear. Submit a tutorial on clothing ideas or create your own and share it on your website. At the very least, ask them what they plan to wear. This way you can make sure the background and props work with their selection. Location is also important for pictures of mom and me. For example, a city mom might prefer a place with a more urban look. Look for places with plenty of space, distraction-free backgrounds, and good lighting.

Communicate Clearly

The key to being a good mom and I shoot is to set expectations before shooting. Mom and Me sessions are usually done with young children. To keep the youngest members of the family happy while filming, you need to take the time to prepare. First, be sure to work with the mother to schedule a time that isn’t during naptime or too close to bedtime. Give her helpful ideas, such as telling her to bring her favorite toy. Before the session, talk about children and prepare. If they still don’t care about bubbles, bring some. If they have a dangerous situation abroad, remember not to be too obvious and introduce yourself step by step. Mother and child, photo sessions rarely go smoothly. Let your client know that it’s normal for toddlers to throw tantrums or a little disobedience in the middle of a shoot. Family meetings are often stressful for parents, so it can help them know that every class has its ups and downs.

Choose a Style

Mother and I have endless creative possibilities. You can use elaborate props to create a fantasy world. These sessions often follow fun and trendy themes and can be customized for a family. Other mother-daughter shoots take a more lifestyle approach. For example, a mother bathes her newborn baby in the sink, reads a story to her toddler, or pushes her baby on a swing. The others sat in the space between the two of them. These images can be formal but allow the mother and child to interact instead of sitting still. This style is more modern than traditional studio photography.


Often behind the camera, mothers do not always have many pictures of themselves interacting with their children. Photos of mom and I are an important addition to family photos. As important as it is, any photo session with children can be a challenge. But by choosing your style, communicating with your mom, planning it, and finding the right lighting, you can set yourself up for a successful shoot. If you follow this recipe, you will succeed in capturing sweet moments between mother and child.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo

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