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Tips For Taking Beautiful Horse Photography

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Unlike other animal photography, horse photography requires a very different approach. The horse is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. It has majestic movements and a graceful presence. These magnificent animals are therefore beautiful subjects for photographers. Here are some tips for photographing horses.

Show the Horse’s Personality

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After all, horse photography speaks volumes and captures the soul of the subject. In short, don’t be afraid of honest and personal horse photos! If the horse is talking to you or its owner in a cute or silly way, keep doing it.

Create a Matchy-Matchy Style With the Rider

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We all know that dogs tend to resemble their owners. You can make the same impression with a horse. You don’t have to find an exact match to do this. Riders can be asked to wear clothing and accessories in colors that match the animal and its equipment. If your horse is the quiet type and your rider will tolerate it, get braids that match. But you don’t want to ridicule the animal. Just use simple tools such as saddles and bridles. If you want and the rider is willing, you can feed the animal a carrot and the rider can eat the same. Catch them while they are both having a snack.

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Take Portraits to Show Intimacy

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Owners and riders get very close to their horses. They form binding contacts and become partners. captures the moment when riders and animals share this intimacy. This can be done after the ride or during cleaning. Take portrait photos to emphasize their connection. Make sure you are out of sight so as not to interfere with their interactions. should not look too artificial and cheap. It is enough to see, touch or whisper the animal’s ears.

Capture Some Action

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A good place for action shots is shows and competitions. But even an average riding lesson can capture some movement. These animals have very graceful and muscular bodies that you can show off in your photos. You should stand apart so you have room to move within the frame. Have the rider canter a little while you are taking pictures. horses usually prefer to head for the paddock entrance. This is “home”. If you want a shot of the horse moving or galloping alone, it’s easier to move it from the other side of the paddock towards the entrance. This is a pretty easy setup for the owner too. Place the animal in the optimal starting position from where there is space to run to the arrival point.

Learn to Direct Horses

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Perhaps an essential part of your photo session. The huge size and location restrictions can create complex shooting situations. It is amazing to be able to communicate with the horse handler and have some directional cues on his sleeve. Clarify. Pay close attention to lighting and composition. It’s a good idea to have an assistant to distract the horse from looking in the right direction.

Tension Poses Look the Best

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Horses are known for their long necks and muscular builds. Tension is the key to good horse portrait photography. Try bending the horse’s neck slightly to make it look more agile and graceful. With a treat, the handler can entice the horse to bend its neck forward. When doing the full body pose, these muscles come to the front as the horse bends and bends. This may take a little work, but the end result is worth it.

Capture the Animal With Ears Up

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Ears up, up, up! This is true for many types of animal photography, from dogs to mice. Pets look alert, happy, and enthusiastic when their ears are pierced. For horses, many owners don’t use pictures with their horse’s ears down. The forward-facing ears of the horse complement the composition of the head and show that the horse is confident. Use sack rustling, bait, clicking sounds, and smartphone sounds to get your horse’s attention and deafening. It’s as easy as that!

Consider the Type of Horse You’re Photographing

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Different horse breeds have different specifications. This is especially important if you want to step into the world of equestrian shows. Ask your client what breed of horse you want to photograph and google that breed. This gives you a better insight into horse characteristics and what to consider while filming.

Choose Backgrounds Wisely

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A basic tip for any type of photography is to pay attention to the background. If the background color is too close to the subject color, the image will be ruined. Interesting is the contrast between foreground, subject matter, and background. As photographers, we understand that we can’t always control the location. It is common for horse photographers to shoot in barns and stables. Not all horses are accustomed to new surroundings. Also, not all owners have caravans and not everyone lives in large natural plots. This is where your adaptability and creativity come into play. Find new and unique ways to manipulate given parameters. Let’s blur the background by opening the aperture! Use post-processing techniques to separate the subject from the rest of the elements. A good example is shooting a Dark Bay Horse in a shady stable. A stop or two of overexposure is recommended. Adjust the color intensity in post-processing to separate the subject from the location.

Don’t Forget Detail Shots

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Full body and portrait photos are great but don’t miss the details. The great thing about photography is that it captures something that would otherwise go unnoticed. Horse eyes, rein details, or ear pictures can be unique and interesting. This allows viewers to see life from an otherwise unnoticed perspective.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo

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