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When you need to capture fast-moving objects, high-speed photography will come in handy. It enables you to take a quick photograph of a specific scene. It enables you to take a series of photographs at an astonishingly fast shutter speed.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to improve your speed shot photography skills. Here you will find the most important information about gear, settings, subjects, and so on. After learning all of these helpful hints, you will be an expert in shooting sports, wildlife, and fast-moving subjects.

Shoot with a DSLR Camera

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To be successful in this genre, you must have high-speed photography equipment. First and foremost, you should invest in a DSLR camera to capture high-resolution images.

Photographers can also use a camera with manual controls for sports or action. You can also experiment with the Canon EOS 7D and Nikon D5 cameras.

Choose the Right Lens

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If your budget is not limited, the equipment is not an issue. A macro lens, such as the Canon EF, is ideal for taking close-up images of liquid sculptures. A Sony 70-200mm lens can be used for balloon photography.

A 300mm or 70-200mm telephoto lens with an f/2.8 aperture is used by professional photographers. They are, however, quite expensive, and most amateurs cannot afford them. A telephoto lens with a maximum focal length of 200 mm, a low aperture, and image stabilization is a good option.

To capture clear images of moving objects, choose a lens and a body with shutter speeds of 1/500 or higher, which are ideal for football photography.

Fix Your Camera with a Tripod

A dependable stand is the next essential piece of high-speed photography equipment. It comes in handy when you need to complete several tasks at once. A tripod for DSLR photography is required to keep your camera stable. The Neewer tripod is most likely the best choice for high-speed photography. You should also use a cable shutter release or release the shutter remotely.

 Choose the Right Flash

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You’ll need a lot of camera flashes if you want to take photos quickly. It is preferable to use a Canon Speedlite or a Nikon Speedlight.

To achieve the desired effect, you may even need to use four flashes at the same time. It is critical to correctly adjust the output power for flash photography because it affects the duration of the flash.

Set Your Shutter Speed to Fast

Sports events and other fast-paced scenes necessitate a fast shutter speed. Furthermore, when increasing the shutter speed, make sure that the lighting is adequate. Keep in mind that changing one of the variables will require you to change other settings as well.

Use Small Aperture

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If you’re into speed photography, try using a small aperture to get the most depth of field. The focus will be on the entire scene with an f/8 aperture, and the lighting level will be sufficient to activate the sensor. We recommend that you take several photos before the photo shoot to ensure that the aperture is properly set.

Focus Manually

Turn on the flashlight and aim it at the subject. Then you can either manually or automatically focus on it. After you’ve finished this step, disable the automatic mode to ensure that the configurations you’ve chosen stay the same.

Shoot in Dark Area

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Taking photos in a completely darkened room or at night is one of the best high-speed photography ideas. For example, you could place a wine glass on a black cloth-covered table. This way, there will be no extraneous objects in the resulting image. This technique is ideal for photographing dark foods.

Diffuse the Light

Some surfaces, such as glass, are extremely reflective. If you direct the flash at a clean glass container, your camera will capture even minor flaws such as fingertips, dust, and so on. You must soften the light by placing the translucent diffuser panel of the reflector between the setup and the off-camera flash.

 Pop the Balloon

Speed shot photography has the potential to be very creative. If you try to pop a water-filled balloon, the water will remain in the same shape for a few seconds. Capture this moment and you will have an incredible photograph.
Lift the balloon, check the flash, make sure the room is completely dark, and then open the shutter. Pop the balloon once the shutter is open. The flash should activate automatically, and then you must close the shutter again.

Create Water Galaxy

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One of the most inventive high-speed photography concepts is to spin a water-soaked ball to create an amazing galaxy shape that can be captured using a laser trigger mode. When the ball appears between the trigger and the laser, the camera and flash are automatically activated, capturing an amazing galaxy shape.

We also recommend that you adjust the sensor’s sensitivity, set a time delay, and enable continuous shooting mode.

Make Paint Sculptures

Amazing paint sculptures can also be captured using speed shot photography. To achieve this effect, cover the speaker with paint and play some music. Because of the vibration, the paint will begin to jump, forming impressive shapes.

You can capture these sculptures as they rise and fall, varying their height to create unique forms, by using the smart sound mode and time delay feature.

 Shoot a Water Drop

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The bending of light as it passes through water is referred to as refraction. Water droplet photography makes use of this phenomenon. First, you must create a setup for releasing water drops, and then select the background image that will be snapped inside the drop.

Collide Water

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Try making a spectacular splash by collapsing two glasses and spilling the liquid to make interesting shapes. One of the glasses could be filled with wine to add some color to a photograph and create a more unique effect.

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