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The Top 10 Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android

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Finding the best Facebook Video Downloader for the Android platform is a difficult task because so many features must be thoroughly examined. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and people enjoy watching and downloading videos from it. Statistics show that there are more Android users than iOS users, which is why most operating systems these days are built on the Android OS. If you are a crazy video lover and want to increase your fun hours by downloading various videos from Facebook, you should know which software tool can help you with easy downloading.

The following are a few details about the top-rated applications for Android users; you can choose any of these for excellent results.

The following are the top ten Facebook video downloaders for Android:
Download Manager

It quickly downloads all types of Facebook video files to your Android tablet or smartphone. It is capable of automatically detecting links from the browser, eliminating the need for users to copy and paste them. The cost is zero.


  1. This application creates task queues and assigns them a priority. It ensures that important tasks are downloaded first, and priorities can be adjusted by the user as needed.
  2. Large files are downloaded in small chunks to maintain download speed.


  1. Because most videos are geo-restricted, links for videos must be manually added; some users may find this task inconvenient.

2. The buffer size is insufficient.

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Advanced Download Manager

Users gave this tool a higher rating because of its well-organized platform and ability to download all file types to the phone. It is built with multi-threaded technology, which speeds up the download process. The cost is zero.


  1. This application enables users to download multiple files at once at a faster rate.
  2. Your desired Facebook videos will be delivered to your device in a matter of seconds.
  3. Users have reported a sudden freeze issue; this bug needs to be addressed and improved.
Get Them All

This application was created by highly trained professionals and has successfully revolutionized the download process. It enables simple downloads from hundreds of websites, including your all-time favorite Facebook. The cost is zero.


  1. This application enables users to easily download images, documents, and other media files.
  2. This platform is being updated on a daily basis to include expanded support for all new file formats, allowing users to enjoy unrestricted downloads.
  3. Because this app is quite large, it consumes a lot of battery power on your smartphone.
  4. Crashing is a common occurrence on this platform.
FVD Free Video Downloader

Price: Freeware


  1. Users are able to download Doc, music, and PDF files at the same time.
  2. It employs a graphical user interface (GUI) that is much more interactive and user friendly.
  3. Its download pause feature frequently causes problems, requiring users to fix it again and again.
  4. There are far too many advertisements on this platform, which is extremely irritating.

HVD stands for High Definition Videos, and this application will assist you in obtaining eye-catching crystal clear details for all of your favourite Facebook videos. This app is intended to provide users with a fun downloading experience.

The cost is zero.


  1. The user interface appears to be so simple that any layperson could operate it.
  2. It provides faster download speeds.
  3. Aids in the simple allocation of files over the internet and can also be used to make things offline.
  4. This application does not provide download progress notifications.
  5. It frequently fails to recognise YouTube URLs, requiring users to manually enter them.
KeepVid Android

This app can help you download high-quality videos in a variety of file formats. It also adds support for 4K resolution at a faster rate. The cost is zero.


There have been reports of unexpected crashes.

All Video Downloader

This application is more compatible with all Android models, and once you find the video you want to download, it will begin the download process immediately. Videos are saved directly to the download folder. The cost is zero.


  1. Capable of downloading multiple videos at once.
  2. Capable of serving multiple video sharing sites with ease.
  3. It does not allow you to download YouTube videos.
  4. Annoying advertisements.
Media Clip Video Downloader

Here is a top service provider with all the latest features and extensive site support. It supports a wide range of popular media file formats, as well as video streaming and simple content management.

The cost is zero.

  1. Users can also download documents and images along with videos using this application.
  2. It offers wide site support so that users can enjoy video downloading without restriction.


  1. Lots of annoying ads and even the ad blocker app creates conflicts during usage.
  2. Users cannot define download location on this app, this is the biggest mess
AVD Download Video Downloader

This advanced application platform is built with many cutting-edge technologies, and users can also access online tutorials to learn how to use it. The cost is zero.


  1. It has a straightforward interface and an Android-friendly design.
  2. This application’s presentation style is quite impressive.
  1. Because the majority of the app’s functionalities are interconnected, users will need to spend more time understanding the app.
  2. When compared to other tools on the market, the overall downloading speed is slow.
Video Downloader for Facebook

This easy-to-use program speeds up Facebook video downloads and allows files to be directly copied to a hard drive or another storage device. It supports a variety of file formats as well as numerous video-sharing websites. The cost is zero.


1.The downloading process is simple and quick.

  1. Users can choose where their files will be stored.
  2. Common mishaps.

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