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Top 12 Drone Apps

Drone apps are the simplest way to improve drone flying because almost all drones rely on a smartphone as the flight or camera system. Yes, your drone manufacturer provides a drone camera app, but if that isn’t enough, try one of these drone apps for flight control and photo/video recording.

1. AirMap

Best drone cam app in 2021

  1. Responsive and quick
  1. Reliable FAA resources
  2. Help and advice
  3. List of AMA Fields
  4. Nighttime mode
  5. Information about the airspace

Haven’t been found

At first glance, this drone camera app appears to be similar to other quadcopter apps that show where you can fly. It is, in fact, the truth. However, the majority of other drone applications use AirMap data, whereas this one includes useful features such as the Digital Notice and Awareness System.

In a nutshell, it is a system that allows you to notify the nearest airport to the location where you are flying a drone. All you have to do is press a button. Although it is legal to fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport, you must notify the airport because it may be detected on radar.

AirMap’s developers collaborated with the Federal Aviation Administration to create this online app. This year, it will be linked to over 500 airports. Furthermore, AirMap monitors local air traffic and alerts you immediately if it detects an aeroplane nearby.

2. DJI Go
Best drone video app for DJI


1. It is completely free

  1. Video clips are automatically extracted
  2. iOS and Android compatibility


  • No filter options

Today, it is one of the most popular drones on the market, with an increasing number of users opting for DJI. As a result, the DJI Go app is a popular option.

In terms of basic functions, this drone controller app allows you to fly your DJI drone while controlling the camera. It does, however, provide a plethora of other options for enhancing the capabilities of DJI drones.

With this drone video app, you can edit and share photos and videos directly from the app. It also has intelligent flight modes, a live HD view, flight data tracking, and logging.

I may add to the list of alternatives, but I recommend starting with the DJI Go app.

3. Litchi


Best drone app for planning

Create missions before flying
Fast synchronization


  • Requires updates

Even if you’re a happy owner of the DJI Go app and are completely satisfied with its performance, it’s a good idea to compare it to other quadcopter apps. Litchi, for example. As a serious DJI alternative, it has some truly remarkable features.

To begin, you can use its autonomous tracking options to aid in video recording.

It has a variety of video modes (Panorama, Orbit me, Follow me, Ground station, Waypoints, VR Mode, Focus). This app is ideal for stunning aerial photography of watersports.

I’m particularly impressed by its Mission Hub. It enables you to plan flights in advance using a computer. As a result, when you arrive at the destination, the drone follows the previously created route.

In terms of cost, this drone cam app is one of the most expensive, costing $23. However, it is worthwhile to purchase because it has many useful features.

4. Hover

High-quality camera drone app


  • A phone drone cam app without any extra dongles
  • Wireless connection with a phone


  • Auto-follow modes leave much to be desired
  • Video stabilization is not the best one

It’s one of those drone camera apps that make use of AirMap data. In general, Hover is a good app for “telling” you where you can fly your drone. It is extremely useful if you intend to shoot for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, this drone flying app not only warns you about air traffic but also about the weather and wind in your shooting area.

It also has flight-logging capabilities. You can save and send them to your device.

This feature isn’t particularly noteworthy, but it saves you the trouble of installing yet another tool to track your flights. It is one of the best drone apps for Android, but it is also compatible with iOS.

4. Google Maps

Best drone map for creating map plans


  • User-friendly
  • Ultra filtered results of the search
  • Weather information
  • Voice command option


  • Major battery drainer

If you want to plan everything ahead of time, Google Maps is the way to go.

Aside from basic functions, this drone flying app will easily locate the best locations to launch the drone. It can also recommend good aerial photography locations and tell you how to get there. Furthermore, Google Maps can calculate distance.

When I’m looking for interesting places to launch the drone, I usually use Google Maps. This drone cam app takes you to beautiful locations that are impossible to see from the ground. If I open Google Maps, I could spend hours looking for the perfect location.

Use the Terrain Mode to see the contours of the landscape.

6. Kittyhawk

Best drone cam app for beginners


  • Accurate info on weather and flight conditions
  • RPIC Certificate and sUAS Registration listed
  • Info on batteries, equipment, checklist
  • Flight log and airspace info


  • Lacks AMA field information

This app is worth a look if you’re looking for a drone app with a variety of features. Kittyhawk provides accurate and up-to-date weather and air traffic information. It also performs pre-flight and post-flight checks.

Because this drone video app is constantly updated, you can try out new and useful features. Such updates, however, necessitate a subscription. So, download this app and test its capabilities.

7. PhotoPills

Best drone cam app for experts


  • Location planning with sunset/rise info
  • Moon phases analysis
  • Calculates exposure/depth of field/timelapse


  • Some features are not necessary

If I had to pick just one drone camera app, this would be it. PhotoPills is an application with numerous features, and this review will not be able to cover them all. The vast majority of the options are extremely beneficial.

The Planner and Sun Modes allow you to see the sun’s direction, movement, and angles. As a result, you’ll know how much light you have and can decide whether to shoot at sunrise or sunset.

There’s also the Drone View mode, which optimizes the composition based on altitude. In fact, this drone controller app far exceeded my expectations.

8. Autopilot

Best autopilot drone app


  • DJI Phantom and Inspire drones support
  • Auto flight and camera control
  • Follow, Target, Zip Line and Orbit modes
  • Manual and auto gimbal control
  • Detailed tutorials included


  • No waypoint flight planning support
  • Some features are paid
  • A drone controller app aimed at professionals
  • For iOS devices only

The majority of high-quality drones, such as the DJI Phantom, Mavic Air, Spark, or Mavic Pro, come with their own drone camera apps. However, if you want a professional result and more control over the device, I recommend that you look into Autopilot, which is one of the best drone apps.

When you use it, you can better control the smoothness of your movements and get cinematic-quality frames. Furthermore, Autopilot, which works on the same principle as an aeroplane black box, can record more information than other similar quadcopter apps.

It will make troubleshooting much easier. The data from your drone is saved on an online server by the application. You can use it whenever it is convenient for you.

9. DJI Store App

Best drone app for searching hotspots


  • Free
  • High-quality flying spots search


  • Has only one useful feature for drones

The DJI Store drone cam app was initially designed to sell the product. However, this application has one more useful feature: it can help you find flying hotspots.

They will be visible on the map. There is also information about nearby drone pilots. Create a profile and share interesting aerial photos with other users.

10. GoPro Passenger

Best drone app for GoPro cameras


  • Live view on multiple devices
  • Non-pilot control
  • Virtual learning mode for novices
  • Very easy to use

No obstacle avoidance system. Possible crashes
Lack of automatic tracking mode

You can view live video from your quadcopter on multiple devices at the same time using GoPro Passenger. Furthermore, this drone cam app gives you more control over the drone and camera.

You can collaborate with your friend. While you are in command of the drone, he or she is in charge of the camera and image quality. This feature assists you in achieving a truly outstanding result.

11. UAV Forecast

Best drone app for weather forecasts


  • Wonderful imaging quality
  • Reliable
  • One of the best drone apps from an official developer


  • Privacy issues, because this is a public application

UAV Forecast is a completely free official drone flying app that can assist you in determining the best time for your flights. All you have to do is enter information about your quadrocopter, as well as the time and location where you intend to work.

The programme will analyze all of the data and provide you with a reasonably accurate forecast. You’ll learn whether it’s safe to fly the drone in such conditions. UAV Forecast provides data on air temperature, wind direction and speed, cloud cover, and visibility. This information is critical for drone control.

12. B4UFly

Best data search drone app


  • FAA official application
  • Provides airspace information
  • Useful FAA resources


  • Sometimes the loading time of a map can be quite long
  • No AMA fields listed and weather data

Drone users who live and work in the United States must follow the FAA’s rules (Federal Aviation Administration).

B4UFly is the official FAA drone flying app, and it includes a map with detailed information about different areas, as well as whether or not you are permitted to fly your drone in that area. The app contains information on all airports, as well as the 5-mile zone surrounding each one.

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