Product photography

Product photography

Photography is now an integral part of modern life, especially in the field of business coming to the point of product photography it is an  art of capturing the images with good quality which enhances the features, quality and characteristics of a product.

Product photography plays a vital role in promotion campaign especially in social media. In the contemporary digital world consumers always preferring online shopping and the image they seen in the market pace is an pivotal role for their decision making in purchasing.

 During the time of online shopping it is impossible to touch or feel the product and their primary evaluation is always based on the quality of product photography .In the sense product photography is vital in marketing business.

As a result the quality of the product seems good in photography the consumer will surely add the items in to their favorites or wish list. If the product image can’t highlights the features consumer will navigate away from the website. So in the sense we can say product photography has become a persuasive tool that can break or make a sale.

  Product photography has come under a remarkable evolution from early age to this digital age.During the period of 18th and 19th Century it is very challenging in both technically and time management. Time consumption is the major drawback we were faced during the early age .At the the end of 19th century witnessed an tremendous achievement in both technology and accessibility.

In the 21st century ecommerce, digital marketing and product photography plays an integral part of presenting products to potential customers. More than a snapping of a product, product photography is an art of presenting the images of products with an better impression . Product images should convey the product details such as color , size , texture and feature it will helps the customers to buy the product.

The basic equipment and technique required for product photography is

CAMERA – you don’t need a expensive camera just an DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings can provide a better results. Even we can use smartphones with high quality for capturing the image.

TRIPOD – A stable camera is essential for a focused and sharp image. The tripod always helps you to eliminate the shaking of the image.

The types of product photography include:

Ecommerce product photography:  This type of photography is mainly focuses on creating clear images. It will help the customers to view the product.

Advertising and commercial photography : These photography are used for branding

Food product photography

While taking food products photography capture it in a way where mouth watering and use it on social media. While taking the food product photography also highlights the ingredients that they are using in it. These types of photography is mainly used in restaurants , cooking blogs,food blog. Lighting is arguably the most critical aspect of food product photography. Proper lighting enhances the texture, colours, and details of the food.  Capturing the vibrant and accurate colours of food is essential in food product photography. The colours should look appealing and true to life. Many food product photography shots tell a story or convey a specific mood. This can involve setting the food in a context, such as a beautifully set dining table or a cozy kitchen scene. Food product photography is a dynamic and creative field where photographers have the opportunity to blend technical skills with artistic sensibility to capture the essence of a dish and make it look utterly delectable.

Jewellery photography

jewellery photography is little bit risk because of small size, intricate details and reflective surfaces of jewellery items . In case of jewellery product photography the main thing which we want to consider is background , background should be clean and plain that complements jewellery colour and styles. Lightening is a crucial in jewellery photography. Use multiple light source such as soft boxes or LED panels. For capture the jewellery product experiment with different angles.

To achieve professional results you will need a digital camera with manual settings various lenses, tripod and proper lightening equipment. If you’re creating product images for an online store, be aware of the specific requirements for that platform. These can include image size, file format, and background colour. After capturing the product photography we can use different software like Adobe Photoshop or light room can help  to enhances the product images with sharpness,contrast, adjust colour and remove the imperfections, it will provide a better product photography. Try to maintain a consistency in the product images like background especially when you are capturing the product images for ecommerce site it will create a cohesive look. For small products or close up shots use macro lenses or extension tubes to capture the product image with all details.

The Quality of product image is a crucial thing in product photography. When a customer shop online or browse through wish list they are come to a point of decision making for purchase through this product photography,so that the photography should be more clear for the customers. A well-photographed item appears more luxurious and desirable, which can justify higher price points and attract customers looking for premium items. In a competitive market, having superior product photography can set a brand or seller apart from the competition .

Product photography is an integral part for building trust. When customers sees a clear and detailed product images it will help them more to build a trust in seller or brand. They feel confident that they are making a good decision in purchase.Accurate representation of products will reduce the return and exchange. When the customer receives what they saw in the image it will always provide a positive review for the brand and seller.

High-quality product photography will be shared in social media by customers will provide better results for further sales. The visually appealing nature of these images encourages sharing, leading to increased exposure and potential virility. Social sharing can drive organic growth and lead to a broader customer base.

In summary, the quality of product in product photography is critical and playing an vital role especially in business. Product photography is directly impacts the customer trust and purchase decision as well as brand reputation and completion. Quality product photography is an investment which returns a high sales for the brands,in every industry product photography is important and each product should  try to provide the specific details of the product with clear and crystal. Product photography is a tool which help us to market your products, increase in sale in this competitive make it an essential component for modern marketing and stratergies.

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