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The internet has become an essential part of people’s lives in the current period. Just as we cannot live without food and water, life will be incomplete without the internet after a certain amount of time. We can communicate with people from all over the world thanks to the Internet. It provides us with a huge opportunity to showcase our skills to the rest of the world. Instagram, in the age of social media, keeps us connected with our families and friends. Our topic today is “Instagram Photography Ideas,” and we will learn a new way to take photos for Instagram posts. Your followers are always interesting to see what new post you will upload next. 42 Instagram photography ideas will be introduced in this blog. Let’s start without taking a long time.

Current interest

instagram photography ideas

Something that has attracted your special attention in recent times. Then it can be anything like cooking, painting, reading a book, etc. It can be uploaded by taking a picture of it.

Hidden talent

instagram photography ideas

There is a hidden talent inside every human being, which very few people know about. You can show your inner talent well on Instagram. Maybe the skills like singing and playing guitar can be shown through video reels. Seeing all this, your fans will also increase.

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Natural scenery

Hintersee, Lake, Mountains, Nature, Scenery, Alpine

Everyone likes nature. Beautiful memories of the natural environment and beautiful places can be shared through photos and videos. For example, sitting on a mountain in a calm posture, on the banks of a river, near a waterfall, etc.

Daily Life

Travel, Architecture, Building, Europe, Cityscape

What all has been done in a day can be posted after making a collage. This will be great as it will let your fans know about your activities throughout the day through a single post. From waking up in the morning to before sleeping at night, you can make a collage with different pictures of activities together.

Skincare products

Beauty, Cosmetic, Products, Cosmetics, Makeup, Face

You can take a photo of it by collecting all of your favorite skincare products. If there are natural products, then more people will be attracted to them.

Morning Routine

Self Care, Morning, Coffee, Table, Sunrise, Routine

Beautiful memories of the morning routine are the best for Instagram photography ideas. This is where you can share your morning activities with your followers, such as walking, yoga, meditation, breakfast, and so on. Your fans will be very happy to see this, and may they all follow your good things too.

Books love

People, Father, Man, Reading, Book, Baby, Girl, Kid

If you are fond of reading books, then you will have a stock of books. You can take top-angle shots by spreading a lot of books. It demonstrates your enthusiasm for and creativity with books.

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What’s in my bag

Bag, Watch, Mobile, Phone, Iphone, Gadget, Accessories

Followers are curious to know what all you keep in your handbag. You can take a picture of yourself by keeping the items in your bag that you use throughout the day. It looks very cute.

Printing wall

magazines hanged on wall near round beige wooden table

You can decorate your background wall with newspaper, floral prints, or your favorite theme. You can take a beautiful picture at home and share it on Instagram.


Makeup Brushes, Makeup, Brushes, Cosmetics, Eye Shadow

One of the things that women genuinely love is makeup. You can upload photos of your favorite makeup products. These are some of the most creative Instagram photography ideas.

Fun with hair

Grimace, Funny, Expression, Mask, Happy, Queer, People

Photograph oneself making a beautiful shape with your hair, such as a heart shape, having fun with your hair, and making a mustache. These images display both creativity and immaturity.

Cooking Fun

Chef, Kitchen, Lobster, Food, Cook, Restaurant, Fun

While cooking, you can share pictures of tasty dishes. You can photograph different forms of vegetables and fruits. It will be a brilliant display of creativity.

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Family time

Kampenwand, Chiemgau, Ahhh, Mountain, Alps, Outlook

You can share beautiful pictures with your family that has something unique in them, such as cute moments of laughter, cooking together, etc. Such images are well-liked by followers.


Girl, Face, Colorful, Colors, Artistic, Model, Person

Everyone is attracted to color. You can upload colorful photos by sprinkling color all over yourself and wearing clothes in bright colors.

Bunch of lights

Books, Book, Reading, Library, Photography, Lights

Take pictures with bright lights, such as groups of lights. Take such photos at night in a dark room; they will glow like fireflies in the dark.

Pet lovers

Pretty Girl, Valentines Day, Pup, Dog, Animals, Heart

Animals are our most truly dedicated friends. You use Instagram to share adorable photos of your pets, such as dogs, puppies, and cats. Take pictures of the puppies in various poses, such as lifting them in your lap, pampering their hair, putting the small puppy in your handbag. It looks very cute.

Our Shadows

Woman, Fashion, Model, Girl, Women, Poses, Shadow, Lady

It is said that our shadows follow us around at all times. Shadows can also be used to create artistic photographs, such as standing in the sun or near a window.

In the garden

Summer, Spring, Flowers, Flower, Nature, Color, Plant

Gardens are, without a doubt, the best places to take photographs. Take pictures of gorgeous flowers or trees.

Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes, Fashion, Shot, Magazine, Luxury

You can upload video clips that show the time and effort it takes to complete beautiful photographs. Your followers will be happy to see this.

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Inside the blanket

woman holding red and black aztec textile

Your photographs can also be presented inside the blanket. Take lovely photos inside the blanket. Take a photo inside the net cloth as well. It creates an effect on the face in the sun’s rays. Look lovely at the photography inside.


Girl, Beauty, Fairytales, Fantasy, Female, Hair

Photograph the flowers that take in your hand.  It can also be used to hide your face.

Near fridge

woman wearing white off-shoulder holding white cup

Sit near the fridge and take a picture of yourself eating ice cream or chocolate for a cute and childlike image. Such images are very well followers because they indicate the childish side of you.

Play with snowballs

Snowball Fight, Snow, Winter, Young, Playing, Outdoors

Take pictures of yourself with snowballs all over the hill station. Pick great images of yourself skating and playing with snowballs if you’re with a large group.

Cookies fun

person holding white ceramic mug with brown and white liquid

In addition to becoming yummy, cookies make excellent photographic topics. Hide your eyes with round cookies, snap a photo, and eat them as well. These Instagram photography ideas are super cute.

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On the balcony

Lampung, Indonesia, Ferry, Trip, Sea, Girl, Holiday

Take a picture of the evening with the clouds while sitting on the balcony. Such images are very beautiful in the evening, with reddish clouds.

Rainy season

Water Drop, Hand, Drop Of Water Falling, Rainy Season

Take a picture by the window while drinking coffee and enjoying the weather during the rainy season. With an umbrella, you can take a picture while getting wet in the rain. It will be the best.

Under the sky

Under Surettasee, Alpine Route, Alps, Alpine, Adventure

There will be a unique view to photograph even behind the blue sky. Take photos of different poses from low angles while standing under the sky.

City view

Blonde, Sitting, Wall, Buildings, City, Cityscape

Taking a picture while standing on the city’s most notable building, looks very unique and very beautiful without a doubt. Taking such photographs provides a 360-degree view of the entire city.


Young Woman, Beach, Dress, White Dress, Walking, Shore

There is a stunning view of the seaside. The water’s waves can be started to feel really close. You can take a photograph while sitting in the middle of the water or near the seaside. Go in the evening to get the best picture, which includes the sunsets.

Childhood photographs

Children, Photographers, Taking Pictures, Boy, Girl

Childhood memories should always be saved so that future generations can see them. Post photos from your childhood. Fans are eager to see such images of their favorite people.


Face, Girl, Close Up, Looking Up, Upside Down, Makeup

There is a well-known pose in which, by not showing the face, one can showcase special features like lips, earrings, etc.

Jewellery box

Chest, Box, Little Box, Package, Bracelet, Jewelry

Women absolutely love jewelry. You can photograph your jewelry in a beautiful way if you keep it all together in a box. It will look fantastic.

Selfie with mirror

Mirror, Camera, Canon, Selfie, Self-Portrait, Window

The most popular Instagram activity is taking the opportunity with mirrors. Take a photo of yourself standing up and drinking juice.

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Workout session

woman sitting on yoga mat with in front of girl during daytime

It is essential to stay healthy and fit in today’s world. You take a picture of yourself working out at the gym and post it on Instagram. This will encourage your followers to stay fit.


shallow focus photo of black SLR camera on white wooden shelf

Share positive ideas with your followers. Upload good quotes by writing them yourself and photographing them. It relaxes the mind.

Stylish pose

woman stretching her arm upward

If you want to upload fashion and stylish photos, take a beautiful picture of yourself sitting on the stairs and looking stylish.

Work from home

woman sitting beside table using laptop

From the time of COVID-19 to till now classes, office work is done from home. You can share photos of yourself studying or working in the office with your followers.

Delicious food

white and red fruit on brown wooden stick

Take photos of delightful food, share recipes while cooking, and show how to prepare it.

Selfie with sun

person holding woman's hand beside sea while facing sunlight

Taking a picture with the sun will disclose the glow on your face.

Car mirror

car side mirror showing city buildings during daytime

Take a zoomed-in picture of yourself while looking in the car mirror. It’s a fantastic idea for an Instagram photo.


three person holding beverage cups

Take stunning photographs in a cafe. By expressing various poses, like Group of peoplesitting and drinking coffee, standing, etc.

Group of people

woman sitting at table

Photograph a large group of people in various poses. as in a hotel, market, or tourist attraction


Every person has countless secret qualities; the only problem is that they take a long time to show. There are many things around you with which you can take a very beautiful picture by adding your own unique idea. I’ve shared 42 Instagram photography ideas on this blog. I hope you enjoy it. If you like it, leave a comment with what kind of photographic ideas you’d want to see.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo

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