How To Convert PDF To Word

How To Convert PDF To Word

Convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents using this free online tool. It works by converting each page of the PDF file into a separate document in Word format.

Download Acrobat Reader DC.

If you need to open a PDF file, download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free). This program will allow you to view any type of PDF file, even those with encryption. You’ll also be able to edit them, add annotations, and more.

Click File > Export as PDF.

Once you’ve opened the PDF, click File > Save As… and select Microsoft Word (.docx) from the dropdown menu.

Select “Microsoft Office” from the dropdown menu.

You’ll then see a list of options. Choose “All Files (*.*)” and press OK.

Choose “Word Document (.docx)” from the list.

Now click Open.

Save the file.

You’ll see a message saying “File saved successfully.” Click OK.

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