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how many pic can a 32gb

The number of pictures (photos) that a 32GB storage can hold depends on several factors, including the resolution and file size of the pictures. Similarly, the number of words in a picture can vary widely based on factors such as the complexity of the image, the font size, and the amount of text.

However, if we assume an average image size of around 3MB per picture and an average of 100 words per picture, we can make a rough estimate:

32GB = 32,000 MB

If an average image is 3MB and contains around 100 words, then:

32,000 MB / 3 MB = ~10,667 images

So, in this rough estimation, a 32GB storage could potentially hold around 10,667 images, each containing around 100 words. Keep in mind that these numbers are just rough estimates and the actual numbers could vary widely based on various factors.

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