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Festive Christmas Photo Ideas

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The holidays are a time for us to gather and spend quality time with our loved ones. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and all the way to New Year’s Day, you can expect to make some wonderful family memories. We have fun Christmas photo ideas, posing tips, and prop suggestions for you. We’ve gathered some of our favorite family picture ideas in one place for you to use as inspiration for your family photo albums, holiday photo cards, and personalized Christmas gifts.

Ideas include going to a tree farm to photograph your baby’s first Christmas tree, staying at home and capturing all of your children’s excitement on Christmas Eve, and even going the traditional route with a family photo that captures you all dolled up and looking your holiday best. Whatever you choose, the best Christmas photo books, holiday cards, and framed prints showcase your unique family. Explore 50 innovative ways to make your family photo ideas stand out this holiday season.

Make Use of Christmas Props
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Make Santa hats and beards out of paper and wooden skewers, or antlers and red noses out of antlers and red noses. Pose creatively – have fun and don’t be afraid to be silly. When they see giggling grins, recently lost teeth, and a little sass, friends and loved ones will be charmed with delight. These mini-stories work well with multi-photo card layouts.

The Autumn Sun
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In the cool autumn air, take care of your holiday photos. Take your family out for a photoshoot in your best autumnal fall attire for a day at the farm or pumpkin patch.

Baking Adventures for the Holidays
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Put on some festive hats and matching custom aprons, then gather the crew in the kitchen to make some dough with custom wood utensils. Photographs of flour on the nose and children measuring ingredients could not be cuter.

Rustic In Green
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Transform your backyard into a winter wonderland for the holidays. Go up to the attic and get those tree trimmings. Hang some personalized ornaments or custom stockings from shrubs and low-growing trees, add some tinsel for extra sparkle and shine, and you’ve got yourself the ideal outdoor setting.

Decorate Your Halls
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This year, why not decorate the tree with all of your best girlfriends? Make it festive (wink!): Grab your favourite holiday beverage and dress it up with personalized beer steins and wine glasses. This is the best option if you live a long distance away and want to celebrate with friends this year.

Among The Trees
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Plan a photoshoot in a natural setting to show off your most glamorous Christmas attire. Bring a bright red blanket for a splash of colour. Go alone or with a partner; there are numerous ways to make this one unique.

Family Snuggle
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Don’t be concerned about capturing the perfect image of everyone sitting still. Show off your family’s natural energy by letting loose during your photoshoot. You could even snuggle up together in a warm fleece blanket.

Casual And Cozy
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Wear your favourite winter outfits and head out to the tree farm with your newest family member to spread some joy this season. While you’re there, choose a tree for their first Christmas.

Vibrant Reds
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Dress up in festive red attire to stand out against the stunning backdrop of a snowy scene. When the entire family is bundled together for a group portrait, they will stand out even more. This is a great idea to evolve over time—choose a pose you can recreate every year to show the progression of your family.

Christmas Crowns
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Bring your camera to your annual Christmas party and document all of your favourite family traditions. If you can celebrate outside, make the most of the warm winter light. This is also ideal for a holiday season birthday—take photos of the festivities for your scrapbook!

 Festive In Flannel
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Flannel is always a fashionable choice, especially when you can dress your children in matching patterns. Keep it simple with a winter stroll, and dress the kids in warm flannel dresses.

Cityscape Christmas
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Are you spending Christmas in the big city? Use the unique streets and brick backdrops for a stylish and urban photoshoot.

Minimal And Modern Aesthetics
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Brick and solid-coloured walls provide the ideal backdrop for allowing personalities to shine through.

 Capture Sleeping Babies
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They’re squishy and poseable (most of the time), making them ideal for posing next to a gift box wearing a Santa Hat or across a festive personalised pillow. Add some twinkling Christmas lights in the background for extra flair. Baby’s Christmas cards are especially useful if you have a Christmas birthday.

Storybook Time
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Is there a Christmas book that your little lady adores? Capture a photo of her picking out her bedtime storey around the Christmas tree after she’s all dressed up for the big day with her custom teddy bear.

 Tangled Up
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Play with fun themes like Christmas lights and snowflakes when creating a DIY photo album. To brighten up your photos, use a string of lights as a photo prop.

Bring The Pup

Get out in the snow with your furry family member and take advantage of any photo opportunities that arise as you frolic around the park or the tree farm.

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Snowy Scene

For a fun family photo idea, use simple props from your backyard. Invite your boys to climb aboard the tractor and pull this year’s miniature Christmas tree up to the house.

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