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Best Wedding Photography Tips – How To Take Wedding Photos

There are several wedding photography tips to keep in mind when photographing a large wedding. Weddings are stressful not only for couples and their parents but also for photographers. The most important job of a wedding photographer is to capture the live moments from the couple’s most important day. It is difficult, strenuous, and, of course, requires a high level of professionalism. Your timing is critical, and you must ensure that even the most minor or insignificant details, emotions, and events are captured. Because a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, your margin for error is practically nil.

Keeping these considerations in mind, we have developed a few photography tips for photographing a wedding ceremony. These pointers will assist you in adequately preparing to photograph a large wedding in style.

Take your time to recce the venue
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Begin your personal research on your client’s preferred venue as soon as they contact you. Find out if you can use the venue’s outdoor space for a post-wedding shoot with the couple. Check Google for information about the location, the environment, the climatic conditions, and so on. Visit the wedding venue at least once before the big day. Scout the venue and make a list of the potential shots you want to take, the various locations where you can take them, how the lighting changes during the day and night, the venue’s electrical backup, and its capability.

Before you leave for the event, double-check your gear.
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On the wedding day, you don’t want to take any chances with your photography equipment. As a result, before you begin your journey to the venue, double-check that all of your cameras and lenses are fully operational. Have your lenses cleaned the day before, and make sure you have enough memory cards, extra lighting, weatherproof gear in case it rains, and a comfortable bag to carry your gear in. Also, remember to pack all of the necessary accessories for the shoot at least two days before the event.

It is always preferable to have a second photographer.
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Weddings, particularly Indian weddings, are a riot of color where a lot of things happen at the same time. If you are covering the entire event on your own, it will be difficult for you to capture every detail. As a result, we recommend that you bring an assistant photographer with you. While you capture the main events, he or she can concentrate on many other aspects of the wedding.

Know the couple well
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Remember, you’re not just photographing a couple on their wedding day. You are telling their story; the story of their love, hopes, and so on. Mix with the couple and their family to discover what makes their story unique. Also, try to figure out what the couple is hoping to see in their wedding album. If they have a list of all the photos they require, go through it and memorize them. A shot list for wedding photography will make your job easier. To truly get to know the couple, we recommend spending time with them in an informal setting prior to the event.

Never miss out on the small details
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Couples relive their wedding day by flipping through the pages of their wedding album. They search for moments that they must have missed in the midst of the rush. They expect to see images that discuss the wedding’s minor details. However, it is the small details that make an album come alive.

Have backups ready
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It is preferable to have backups of all your photography equipment, as well as images, on hand. If you can’t afford two cameras outright, rent the second one. Also, keep in mind that you are photographing a large wedding. As a result, there will be a lot of photos. When you’ve finished photographing the event, make two copies of the images. Who wants to take chances at events like weddings?

Take lessons on lighting

No matter how inventive you are when photographing a wedding. If the lighting isn’t right, all of your hard work will be for naught. However, we do not recommend large lighting setups because they will interfere with the wedding’s setting. Instead, use fast-aperture lenses. These lenses will assist you in extracting the most light from the wedding scene. Furthermore, Speedlites are an option for working in darker areas of the wedding venue. Alternatively, you can use reflectors to bounce and redirect the light. It is cheap and does not require batteries or charging.

A photographer who understands the best camera settings for a wedding ceremony, as well as creative wedding photoshoot ideas, can work absolute magic.

We hope that this article has been helpful in planning your next photography shoot. Also, don’t forget to check out for more wedding photography blogs.

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