Being a good photographer is not as easy as it looks to be. It takes more of a person than he has. Clicking a good shot depends on many essential things such as vantage point, the quality of the camera, background, the subject, and the most important is the sheer will and focus of a photographer.

Most of the time, an amateur photographer lacks his self-importance towards his skills which ultimately ends up in the delusion of being privileged. The photographer should not fool themselves while capturing the moments.

Hobby of Hopes:

For many ages, it has been witnessed that many amateur photographers end their hobby after the discouragement they get from society. The breakdown does not always mean the end, sometimes breakage also leads to the beginning of life. Amateur photography is about capturing your ideas and imaginations. Try to capture every moment and bring the best out of it.


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Amateur & Professional Photography:  

 Amateur and professional photographers have many differences. A professional photographer’s main goal is to make money from it even though he doesn’t enjoy it and it takes a lot of skills to be a professional photographer whereas an amateur photographer enjoys every moment of capturing his passion. Every step he takes a shot of nature, every step he takes a shot of surroundings, every step he learns something new about photography.

Practice Starts from Home:

Photography is the beauty of life captured in a single frame with endless thoughts. It is not the camera but the photographer who is responsible for a good photo. Amateur photography starts from home. Start clicking pictures of your backyard, foods on the plate, and the people you interact with. A photographer should know all about its camera and its features.  Make sure how it works preferably.

Perfect Time to Capture:

Many photographers ignore the beauty of the night. It is the best experience a photographer can have. Taking shots of twinkling stars sleeping on the dark, silent sheet of the sky, glowing Milky Way, shooting stars and the silence of darkness.

Hobby for Generations:

Being an amateur photographer does not mean you step below a professional photographer. Remember, not every amateur photographer can become a professional but every professional photographer has been an amateur. Despite living in the same world they perceive things differently.

A Human Eye:

A photographer should visualize before its camera could even capture. The eyes of humans are the most defined and complex camera. The clearest photos in the world can only be captured by human eyes.

Photography- Make It A Part of Life:

Photography is one of the most satisfying hobbies. It gives you a character-building experience throughout your life. At first, the journey of being a photographer will be as boring as putting thread into a needle, but as the earth gets old and you start spending time in this hobby, you’ll learn about the reality of the existence of humans. You’ll know the pain and happiness of trees, animals, insects, mountains, rivers, and every existing thing on this planet.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.

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