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11 Ways to Get the Best Pics of Your Kids

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Every day, your child discovers something new and exciting or engages in a mischievous act. These insignificant details become memories. And it’s these moments that, when captured on film, can become family heirlooms.
But, in reality, we are always busy, whether at home or at work. Learning photography or using an SLR camera can be intimidating for many people.

Apart from that, there will be numerous other reasons to procrastinate, but keep in mind that time does not stop.

Our children are maturing, and they will soon be packing their belongings for college. So don’t waste any time, Mom! Begin clicking right now! Make professional-looking, beautiful photos of your children at home.

We have compiled a few potential tips for you based on years of research, practice, and experimentation.

These may appear to be simple, but we assure you that they are highly effective! Remember that practice, practice, and more practice are the key!

Catch Them in Action

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We want to capture their childhood in its most natural and raw form. So, the next time, don’t ask them to pose or smile. Instead, photograph them in action.

  1. Get them involved in their favourite activity.
  2. Keep the camera at the ready.
  3. Click their happy faces as they have fun messing around.

Play with Light

Examine your home and determine which rooms and corners receive the most sunlight. It could be a large window or a door. If not, you can always shoot outside.

All we have to do is think of them as lighting equipment and adjust their exposure accordingly. Kenisha’s face is lit up on one side by a large window in this sample image.

Next, experiment with light while keeping its direction in mind. The distribution of light does not have to be uniform all of the time. It gives the image a rawness and depicts it as a moment.

Get on Your Knees

Yes, you read that correctly! You end up capturing them very creatively at their eye level after some practice. Take some photos while standing and some while kneeling.

The results will show a significant difference. Get under those tables and photograph them crawling and playing in the mud!


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In photography, there is a concept known as “the rule of thirds.” We won’t get into the details, but what it means is that you should place your subject off-center. Leave some empty space on either side and place your child on the other side.

Don’t Forget to Save

Being a mom is stressful and exhausting, and saving your images is the last thing on your mind. But trust us when we say that backing them up only takes a few minutes and you’ll never be sorry.

Try saving only the top five images from that month. So, from January to December 2021, you should have a beautiful collection of 60 images saved safely for your children to look back on later. Finally, you can put together a baby album.

Backlit your subject

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Try capturing even if the window (source of light) is behind them. It’s okay if the image is a little dark!
Experiment with this technique to see how it adds drama and dimension to the image.

Catch Them Right after the Nap

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Try capturing even if the window (source of light) is behind them. It’s okay if the image is a little dark!
Experiment with this technique to see how it adds drama and dimension to the image.

Convert to Black & White

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good black-and-white photograph? You don’t have any? Umm… well, give it a shot and you’ll fall in love with them! There are numerous distractions around the house when shooting indoors.

A black-and-white photograph aids in removing all of the colored distractions and focusing on pure emotions.

Learn a Bit of Editing

And we don’t mean Instagram filters when we say editing! We recommend that you get Adobe Lightroom (free mobile version).

This is most likely the most effective and simple tool for enhancing the life and quality of your images.

There are a few simple fixes you can make with it:

Increase your exposure.
Boost Clarity/Sharpness
Colors have been enhanced.

Try New Angles

Occasionally, clicking from the top adds a cuteness factor. Experiment with different angles/viewpoints. Go ahead and try a few.

Also, you might have to lie down on the ground (no joke!).

Play with Silhouettes

Silhouettes are lovely, and they don’t have to be associated with landscape photography.

Why not photograph the father and child in front of the window to create a lovely silhouette? Occasionally, capturing only their outline adds a lovely look and feel to your images.


It’s not easy to get great shots of kids. They get tired quickly, are uninvolved in the photoshoot, and only want to have fun. Allow them! Don’t make them feel like they’re a part of some sort of experiment. Make the process as easy as possible by using your imagination.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.


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