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List of photo editing services

  • General photo editing services

  • Background change

  • Body slim

  • Face swap

  • Adding people/object

  • Removing people/object

  • eCommerce

  • Photo restoration services

  • Christmas photo editing services

  • Memorial photo restoration services

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Image editing services

Image editing services

A photo is said to be good enough to justify a thousand words, or a well one usually says a million things at once. Image editing services are fastly becoming the most companies outsource processes in the industry in today’s competitive business environment, in which pictures have the power to promote a brand or a …

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mother's day photoshoot ideas

mother’s day photoshoot ideas

When a child learns to speak for the first time after birth, “Mother” is the first word that comes out of his mouth. A mother always sacrifices the happiness of her life for the children and family. Well, no one day is enough to celebrate Mother’s Day. But through this blog, we will tell you …

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31 Incredible photography techniques and photo tutorials

31 Incredible photography techniques and photo tutorials

Photography is a skill that can’t be learned in a single day. Because most of them think that learning to take photos automatically qualifies people as a photographer. In order to be a good photographer, you must clearly show a range of techniques, tools, and creativity. I’m going to share 50 Incredible photography techniques and …

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9 Biggest Monitors In 2022 For Office And Home

9 Biggest Monitors in 2022 for Office and Home

Today’s era is ruled by science and technology. Whatever we do today is intimately connected to science and technology. You will all have Android smartphones, which are also a result of technological advancements. You will acknowledge the monitor today if everyone is using computers. Karl Ferdinand Braun introduced the world with monitors in 1897. The …

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Instagram photography ideas

The internet has become an essential part of people’s lives in the current period. Just as we cannot live without food and water, life will be incomplete without the internet after a certain amount of time. We can communicate with people from all over the world thanks to the Internet. It provides us with a …

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Photography of Canada

Photography of Canada

Canada is a small country, with a population of 3.8 million people. It is a rich country in which you experience feeling like you’re in your own country because the people are so friendly. Each year, nearly 9.46 million tourists from around the world visit here. People of different religions and communities coexist. It is …

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Best Places Of The United Kingdom For Photography

Best Places Of the United Kingdom For Photography

The United Kingdom is a group of four nations that involves England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is the birthplace of famous people like William Shakespeare and The Beatles. The United Kingdom has long been a global powerhouse in finance, history, literature, sports, food, and culture. There are no set ways of measuring beauty, …

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Wedding Photography Best Tips for Beginners

Wedding Photography: Best Tips for Beginners

Memorable events in life ought to be captured. Weddings are one such event. And to know that you, the wedding photographer, are entrusted with capturing the smiles and joy of many, is a great honor in itself. With such a daring task at hand, you might need some help with a few basics. To ace …

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Remini Clear Photos App Review

With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the number of AI-driven clear photos app available on app stores has surged. This makes it a challenge for people in search of such an application. While there are plenty of options, one app that stands out is Remini – AI Photo Enhancer. Remini …

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Best photography location in the USA

Best photography location in the USA

America is a land of cities, and our beautiful streets are the basis of great cities. This is where the Americans find their towns. But, the large lens makes a few famous cities easier to find. The article’s key points are these cities so what makes them unique. We take a look at ten of …

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15 Top Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas That Will Make You Look Amazing

15 Top Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas That Will Make You Look Amazing

Are you excited about having a photoshoot during you are pregnant? You have come to the right place. Here you will know about the best accessories for maternity photoshoot during pregnancy, which will work as a “moon of joy” in your photoshoot. Pregnancy is a gift to the mother. They’re supposed to bring good luck to the family and give a child …

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19 Cool Senior Picture Ideas To Try In 2022

19 Cool Senior Picture Ideas to Try in 2022

Graduating senior year of high school marks a transition to the next phase of life. Senior photos will act as a trip down memory lane for all the graduating students, and these photographs will be with them throughout their journey in life. Hence, it is essential to capture the day in the form of pictures …

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10 Best Places Of India For Photography

10 Best Places Of India for photography

Photography is a way of express own art. It needs dexterity, imagination, and precision in composition and lighting. When you take a picture, you are making lifetime memories of your surroundings. So, this makes photography a perfect form of art. A good picture will teach you something new, no worry how much you think that …

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dawn, drone, dusk-1868870.jpg

The best drones available in 2021

For the longest time, the most obvious recommendation for the best drone was one of DJI’s Mavic drones. That trend continues today, with several Mavic drones ranking among the top ten best drones on the market. On Drone Rush, we go over the ins and outs of many drones, but today we’ll just focus on …

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On Android, there are three types of photo editors. Some, such as Adobe Lightroom CC, attempt to compete in terms of power with desktop photo editors. The second type is a lighter editor, such as Snapseed, that does the fundamentals and attempts to do the work for you. Finally, there are the social media filter …


pregnant, baby, love-2720434.jpg

How to Photograph a Pregnant Woman

Photographing an Expectant Mother The natural beauty that appears when a woman is pregnant is wonderful, but how you capture it may not be. So, how do you capture that beauty without making a woman appear fat or exposing more skin than she desires? During pregnancy, most women do not feel as beautiful as they …

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graduate, girl, happy-6671173.jpg

 Graduation Photography Tips

A graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we’ve got 10 graduation photography tips to help you get great shots! A graduation is a life-changing event for students and their families. It’s a time for celebrations, award ceremonies, and family reunions, not to mention parties and family gatherings. Graduation is also an excellent time to take …

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sylvester, new year's day, fireworks-4727013.jpg

 DIY Photo Backdrops for Memorable New Year’s Eve Photos

What’s the point of having a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration if you can’t document it? Setting up a photo booth is quickly becoming a party tradition, so we wanted to share some fantastic and creative DIY backdrops for memorable New Year’s Eve photos that will bring back amazing memories every time you look at …

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new year's day, space, stars-6790597.jpg

11 Photoshoot Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Looking for New Year’s photo shoot inspiration? New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching, and it’s the ideal time to toast the new year with champagne, a sparkly gown, family, and friends. If you want to remember the holiday for a lifetime, bring your camera and create something special to remember this special night for years …

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Photographing Clouds

A cloudy day can be a great day for photography. A partly cloudy springtime day is a fantastic opportunity for cloud photography and creating truly compelling images as we transition from winter to summer. A photo taken in the early evening with a deep blue sky and bright flaming orange clouds simply cannot be beaten. …

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