Stock Photography Trends You Should be Aware of in 2022

Stock Photography Trends You Should be Aware of in 2022

What are the trends in stock photography in 2022? Good question. Stock photos are getting bigger year by year. A growing community of photographers shares images for free. Keeping up with stock photography trends is more important than ever.

Vintage Editing for Lifestyle Photos

We know that VSCO has reintroduced the feel of a movie with Lightroom presets. This makes the photo community more accessible to style editing. Continues to view lifestyle stock images with a film or matte look that are popular on websites and blog posts.

Negative Space

The trend of stock photography never gets old. Negative space only sees an increase in demand for stock photos. The ability to adjust the image to the requirements of the text is always what the buyer wants. It is important to have negative spaces in different areas. Checking magazines and websites is a good idea. Check how spaces are used in the text. However, negative spaces can go beyond the requirements of the text. In a noisy world flooded with messages. Images may be required to convey a sense of calm. I’m using the Calm app, and most photos they use are ridiculously empty landscapes. Welcome when we are constantly being hit by messages over the phone.

Cultural Diversity

A category that continues to be a trend in stock photography today. Diversity and mixed families to images depicting gender equality. In recent years, there is a popular theme in stock photography of “strong women”. This trend can be expected to follow the current debate on gender quality and discrimination in all media. See commercials. You can see that promotional images in all formats include people who may fall into many racial categories. The pictures here should be of integrated nature.

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Simple Flatlays

As we continue to see where the most popular social apps are taking us, we can see changes in the popular Flatley images. Flatley images continue to be popular Layouts are more customizable to the buyer. You can add your own touch to an image before sharing it in many formats.

Real-life story

Predictions about where Instagram, the world’s most popular app, will take us, are heading in the direction of real life. Images depicting unrealistic scenes used to be of great interest. Many accounts have grown from hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. But the community is moving from unrealistic to real. There are also images depicting real life and “real conversations”. Stock photography trends here are always there. Beautifully captured. Interactions with these channels and businesses depend on it. Engagement enables storytelling. A real-life story.

Color gel

You can see that color gels continue to be popular this year to supplement the need for a retro atmosphere. Create a color story again in combination with hard lights. These are targeted at social media and advertising campaigns. These are unlikely to be small businesses and the personal customer base is looking for this type of stock photo. But flashy companies like Squarespace continue to use images along this line.


In 2018, we saw a lot of comebacks in the ’70s and 80’s when matching products and images. With orange and green as the main colors, we saw how patterns and harsh lighting combine to create a modern spin. The secret here is to recreate the retro atmosphere while capturing modern society. From food to home decor to fashion, hard lights and bold colors continue to trend this year. It leads me to the next stock photography trend.

Drone Photography

Drone photography continues to be a photography trend. Social media doesn’t fully understand it. Landscapes that were previously inaccessible before have become the top of the stock photography trend. Images with strong guidelines continue to be in demand for stock photos. The most popular are photographs depicting relaxing scenes such as beaches, snow-covered trees, and flower fields. A global debate about plastics and their environmental impact will increase the number of matching images. This will be a big change for consumers, businesses, and governments. There will be a growing demand for how we can find interesting compositions of drone photography to shed light on the state of our planet.

Moving Images

Videos aren’t just for Harry Potter movies. Apple is now offering “live” photos that can be captured on the iPhone. And everyone knows how popular apps like Instagram are. Videos, stop motions, and GIFs will also appear in Pinterest’s search. It is also becoming a trend in stock photo galleries. Often includes living subjects such as people and animals.

Home Office

Creative is always looking for images to help tell the brand story. And some of that story shows the flexibility of working from home. Flatley and styled home offices are becoming big hits for both website images and social media sharing. The includes an administrator or office flat lay with tablets and smartphones. Make sure stock photo buyers can include their personalized brand. white and pastel colors continue to be popular here. They are most customizable to suit your brand’s color and text requirements. sources say millennials are also buying more foliage plants. So be sure to include some cute succulents in your styling.

Healthy Food Alternatives

Health food alternatives are generally becoming more popular. From “clean cocktails” to the exchange of french fries for green beans. Since Pinterest is a visual SEO, this trend indicates that the demand for healthy alternative food photography may increase. So what is the most requested stock photo in the food category? A photo showing a healthy alternative to staple foods. These are green beans for french fries. Slow food is delivered immediately-free cocktails. A healthy diet is always in fashion. It’s about creating images that can show how people can ingest their favorite foods and turn them into healthier versions.

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Coronavirus, isolation, financial crisis, anxiety. These are just some of the most commonly used words in the news. Adds general trends such as multitasking and staying online at all times. And the only remedy for burnout is mindfulness. Mindfulness and Slow Life are one of the top trends in photography this year. You can relax a little more just by looking at the stock photos on this topic.

Social Responsibility

Photo trends reflect what’s happening around the world. Action, not silence, is respected in society. People want to be more responsible and make more meaningful lifestyle choices. The battle for equality is more important than ever. And that is also reflected in the trend of photography.

Perfect Imperfection

Models that are genuine and not edited in Photoshop are becoming more and more popular. No one wants to see a Barbie doll with perfect hair, skin, and make-up in the picture. Because people can no longer equate with unrealistic beauty. The stock images that highlight the flaws are still a big trend today. The more weird and imperfect, the more we like it.

Environmental awareness and sustainability

This year, environmental problems and sustainable solutions are even more important trends. People will work harder to lead a lifestyle that leads to a viable future. The fight against climate change also appears in stock photos.

Modern Aging

Today, there are older generations born in very different worlds. She grew up in a time when she had no digital technology and had a strict life structure. Now she is adapting to her new trends and finding ways to relax in the modern world. Elderly people have been active longer than before. They are at work, playing sports, and learning how technology works. They occupy most of society and have great purchasing power. Brands and businesses want to see images of older people in a visible way. And make yourself more accessible across generations.

DIY Projects

DIY projects keep people sane in a pandemic year. Home baking and cooking, DIY design, and photographer tools are trending again this year. The companies that failed to work during the blockade are now sharing a way to duplicate their products at home. One of the best examples is this year’s Dalgona coffee trend. Only three ingredients are needed to make this simple, good-looking coffee. This trend started with TikTok and spread to all kinds of platforms. Includes stock photo sites. But the same is true if you bake your own bread, repair your bookshelf, or grow herbs on your balcony.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photos

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