The cutthroat competition among the creators leads to the rise of enormous software with updated and advanced features. Companies intend to bring their latest innovation to the market to overshadow the others. After the launch of any new product, several identical products emerge in the market.

This competition proves to be beneficial for us, the consumers. The modified products, software and apps make our life much easier and more convenient.

In this blog, we will review two very intriguing software, Photoshop and Photomatix. Consumers often disagree on which one is the best. Let’s analyze the functions and features of these two apps one by one. 

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a highly known photo editing software by Adobe. Everyone must have heard about it because of its extensive use and its interesting features. 

It lets you edit your photo, merge many images into one and you can do all sorts of experiments on your image without distorting the original one.

With time its usage has risen to a great extent. From web designing, the fashion industry, film to engineering photoshop has benefited every field. 

It offers a variety of tools to enhance your photos, artworks, and illustrations. You can find assorted versions of Photoshop that have professional capabilities to take your editing skill to the next level.  


Photomatix is a program for generating HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Many consider it to be the best HDR software and that’s true to some extent.

You can merge different images into one and on the same hand retaining the natural light source. You can also regulate the exposure of different objects accordingly. 

It offers hundreds of presets and adjustments. You can alter the color of the picture, adjust the brightness and create soft lighting. 

Photomatix makes it possible to edit a bunch of shots at the same time. Its simple interface and installation make it effortless to operate.  

Comparing Photoshop and Photomatix

For beginners and professionals, both the software is equally good due to its easy installment. While comparing the interface we’ll find Photoshop to have a simpler interface. 

Photomatix offers much more control to amend the image. And it works much faster than Photoshop.

The customer support and functionality of Photoshop are more promising than Photomatix

Talking about HDR images, Photomatix offers better service. The clarity and detailing are all up to the mark. 

The lens distortion correction of Photoshop makes it highly recommended software among photographers. 

Photomatix supports different plugins. And you can also edit a batch of images altogether.  

The very critical drawback of Photomatix is that it is not supported by phones whereas Photoshop does. 

Final Verdict

This blog has given you an insight into both the programs and you must have got an idea of which program is suitable for you. They both have their highlights, intriguing features and take editing to an interesting level. And on the same hand a few drawbacks. Take a good look at them, operate them, and then decide which program is better to fulfill your needs. 

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