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Photo Mugs At A Glance

everyone loves coffee mugs, but who would’ve guessed that they would be commonly used as a decoration. Not just any coffee mug, but rather photo mugs are the best of both worlds when it comes to having a functional mug with a touch of personalization.

Photo mugs are often given as gifts and feature the likeness of someone special, which may be a friend, relative, or even a pet in some cases. A good example of the perfect occasion for giving photo mugs as a gift would be a birth announcement or a child’s birthday celebration. The parents of the little one would have their child’s picture designed for use on the outside of a mug. Upon placing the order, the photo mugs would be created and could then be distributed to friends and family. This would be a wonderful way for family members to always have a photo of their favorite new addition sitting on the coffee table. In addition, personalized photo mugs can be presented with candy inside and given as a special gift.

Because photo mugs are designed for decorative purposes, many individuals do not actually use them to drink from. Prolonged washing may cause cracking or could result in photo fading. To avoid this from happening, many people use photo mugs as pen and pencil holders that are strategically placed on the living room coffee or end table. Commonly made of ceramic, just as with any standard mug, photo mugs are available in a variety of base colors with various border designs and/or whimsy patterns.

With continued advancements in technology, many photo centers now allow customers to bring in their favorite picture on paper or disc and order photo mugs on site. Many developers allow the customer to crop the photo, add borders, and/or perform touch-ups when placing the order. A number of online photo studios offer the same convenience as local studios, but both will ask the customer to allow for additional delivery time on personalized orders of photo mugs. Common photos that are used would include special occasions, favorite pets, friends and family members, etc.

In addition to commemorating special events or people, personalized photo mugs and other products are a terrific way to earn some extra money. In many cases, especially with personalized photo mugs, these products are used as knick-knacks that are more for visual purposes than actual use. These products are extremely popular at craft fairs and through other special order opportunities.

Photo mugs

Is the feeling of a soon-come-crashing birthday of your beloved, a close relative or a friend and the following headache about what to choose as a gift familiar to you? There are so many pretty things in store, but most of them seem a bit trivial and when you ask your friends for advice, they all have the same answer, similar to what probably everyone else would suggest, which signals “Hey, don’t buy it.” If you find yourself in a situation like this, and you would like your gift to have a personal touch, think photo mugs.

Why can a photo mug make a nice present? Because the companies that produce photo mugs can place any photo that you like on it. It can be a picture of the person that you are going to give a present to, or your own funny little face, or maybe a sweet picture of you together, or of your child or a pet. Moreover, if you add a pinch of creativity, you can bring in a picture of some object that has meaning for both of you, something that can remind you of a special or a funny moment in your life.

Secondly, photo mug producers are ready to put in a customized text on the other side of the mug to supplement the picture, which can be funny, romantic or your self-expression can take some other shape.

And thirdly, because it is a mug and a photo in one and it is functional. You can enjoy your drink, a picture, and memory, at least of the moment and the person, who gave it to you.

Furthermore, the gift mugs that are advertised and sold online are in most cases made of ceramics. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, which means the picture will not fade and the text will persist as well after you put the cup in the machine or the oven. However, if you go for a stainless steel travel mug, that can be not dishwasher or microwave safe. The selling companies recommend delicate hand washing, but guarantee that dye-sublimation ink, which is used for printing the picture, is bullet-proof and will never fade.

Besides creating your own design with a personal touch, the mugs are beautiful from the point of view of delivery time. They can be obtained as quickly as in 24 hours. Of course, if you want to order it to arrive on Christmas Day or in time for any other big holiday, you should think about it in advance. Some companies would advise placing orders by December 14.
And then again, there is a discount system that is applicable to the number of photo mugs purchased. The more you buy, the less you pay per cup. You might like to acquire a round of mugs to present to all the members of your family with different photos and different words to accompany them. That will surely liven up and stimulate the party.

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