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List of photo editing services

  • General photo editing services

  • Background change

  • Body slim

  • Face swap

  • Adding people/object

  • Removing people/object

  • eCommerce

  • Photo restoration services

  • Christmas photo editing services

  • Memorial photo restoration services

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How to Work With The Groom

A lot of wedding photographers assume that their work is primarily for the bride, and I understand why. Usually, brides spend countless hours searching for the right person to capture the best day of her life, sometimes even years before the actual wedding. Of course, I’ve had men contact me many times, but eight out …

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How to Sell Virtual Staging to Your Real Estate

Real estate marketing in the modern world has moved almost entirely online and virtual staging is leading the way. In fact, recent research from ZillowGroup found that more than 36% of Americans are more likely to try to buy a home entirely online during the coronavirus pandemic, and 30% will do so even after the …

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Benefits of a High-Resolution Sensor

As camera manufacturers continue to race for megapixels, Sony is releasing a range of 24 MP APS-C (1.5 crop factor) cameras such as the Sony A77, A65, and NEX-7, and Nikon is releasing the Nikon D800 36 MP high resolution, many of us photographers question the need for such a high-resolution sensor. Some of us …

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Puppies between the ages of 3 and 6 months are ideal for implementing puppy photography ideas. To make this process as pleasant as possible for a puppy and capture it vividly and playfully, you need to prepare in advance. If you’re looking for original ideas endorsed by renowned photographers, check out our collection of creative …



The best antivirus software 2022

All Windows machines need one of the best antivirus programs to stay protected from malware and other cyber threats. While Microsoft Defender Antivirus may be enough to protect your PC from infection, it simply cannot match the extra features available with paid antivirus software. Most high-end security suites and even some mid-range security suites include …

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How to restore your old photos for free or with Photoshop

How to restore your old photos for free or with Photoshop

Restore your mangled family photos with these easy solutions Learning how to recover old photos is a great family skill – and whether you’re looking to do it for free or with Photoshop, it’s never been easier. In this guide, we’ve picked our favorite free options for web browsers and smartphones, detailing their strengths and …

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How To Edit Videos Online

How To Edit Videos Online: A Beginner’s Guide

Video editing has become a must-have skill today. You need to know the basic tools and the kind of videos you can create, as videos are the most widely accepted form of content. Once you shoot a video, you need to edit it to make it more appealing to your target audience. While editing a …

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Best Tips for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you’re “friends with the camera,” you may one day be asked to do a pre-wedding photo session. It’s an increasingly popular event. It could be the wedding photographer that was asked to do this. Or maybe someone else. There is less pressure at a wedding. But it is still a difficult task. What is …

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Adobe Animate 2022 (22.0) Rank   (5/5) Reviews: 285 License: Trial Version Downloads: 3.4k Version: 22.0 Compatible: Mac/Win BUY NOW Download Adobe Animate for FREE (formerly Adobe Flash Professional, Macromedia Flash, and FutureSplash Animator) and create multimedia and animation without registration. Animate was designed by Adobe Systems as a cross-functional platform for creating graphic design projects, animation, …


Understanding Memory Cards

Understanding Memory Cards

Whatever digital camera you shoot with these days, you need some kind of memory to store your media. While some devices like phones and tablets often come with built-in storage, you often find yourself looking to expand that storage with memory cards or other external storage accessories. And if you’re shooting with a dedicated digital …

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How to Photograph Clouds

Nature often rewards us with incredible opportunities to photograph sunrises, sunsets, and sunbeams breaking through the clouds, creating breathtaking vistas. As a landscape photographer, I tend to wait for cloudy and stormy days because clouds make photos so much more dramatic and lifelike. Without clouds, sunrises and sunsets often seem boring, forcing us to cut …

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 Tips for Better Bokeh in Photography

“Bokeh” describes the quality of an image’s out-of-focus areas, both in the foreground and background. While some aspects of bokeh are subjective, people prefer smooth, creamy bokeh, while the notorious “onion rings” are undesirable in photos and are probably best left to do. food. Naturally, photographers want the best possible bokeh effect. This means that …

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How to Shoot and Stitch Panoramas with a Drone

How to Shoot and Stitch Panoramas with a Drone

Drones allow photographers to take photos and videos from unique perspectives and vantage points. While digital cameras in modern consumer drones have come a long way, they are still quite limited in terms of sensor size and resolution. As a result, images from drones often lack the detail required for high-quality prints. Thanks to its …

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Best Antivirus 2022

Compare The Best Antivirus Solutions For Your Devices Choosing the best antivirus solution for your computer can be a daunting task due to many factors to consider. You may want a basic security solution for your PC or laptop, or a very advanced protection system for the whole family, capable of protecting your devices from …

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Chimping Photography

Photographers are pretty good at delivering creative and self-deprecating insults. From GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) to pixel peeping, just look at any photography forum today and you’ll find a new term that can make you smile and cringe simultaneously. at the time. One of my personal favorites is Chimping- a word that describes photographers who …

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How to Get a Blurred Background in Your Photos

Blurring the background is one of many ways to isolate or emphasize your subject. Do you need a special lens to do this? Absolutely not! In this article, we look at several ways to get creamy backgrounds using almost any camera and lens. Use a Wider Aperture A lens aperture is an aperture that can …

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What Is Boudoir Photography?

What Is Bulb Mode in Photography

What Is Bulb Mode in Photography?

Bulb mode allows you to easily take extremely long exposure photos. The tricks below show how to use it correctly. Photographers are often frustrated with the 30-second shutter speed limit on many cameras. What they may not realize is that there is an easy way to work around this limitation – if you know how …

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How to Remove a Specific Color in Photoshop

How to Remove a Specific Color in Photoshop

Removing a specific color from an image is a common way to replace it with another solid color or an abstract design. This way we can creatively redesign our photos and increase their appeal. Learning to remove a specific color in Photoshop will allow you to add dramatic effects to your photos. How to Remove …

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How to Merge Lightroom Catalogs

How to Merge Lightroom Catalogs

As a real estate photographer, you may initially have a different category for each photo session, such as a different category for each home you photograph. This can lead to multiple categories over time, which can be difficult to manage and organize. How to Merge Lightroom Catalogs Since you can only open one category at …

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