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How to Sell Virtual Staging to Your Real Estate

Real estate marketing in the modern world has moved almost entirely online and virtual staging is leading the way. In fact, recent research from ZillowGroup found that more than 36% of Americans are more likely to try to buy a home entirely online during the coronavirus pandemic, and 30% will do so even after the outbreak.

discovered today. When it comes to real estate marketing, nothing is more important than the quality of your listing photos. Virtual staging will help real estate photographers improve their photography and become invaluable to agents. This relatively new technology will help them sell their home faster and for the best price. In this article, we will discuss what virtual staging is, how it compares to traditional staging, and how to quickly sell this amazing marketing tool to your real estate agents.

What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a special computer-assisted design (CAD) process wherein virtually designed furniture is added to a photo of an empty room or space, much like traditional home staging. 

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words… Virtual staging allows real estate agents to present a listing in its best light and enhance it with photographs. Virtually staged ensures that buyers will take note. Even better, it can turn an empty space into an attractive home that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. With the help of professional virtual set designers, staff can clean up cluttered and outdated rooms or add elegant furniture and decor to empty spaces to make them feel attractive, livable, and marketable.

Traditional Home Staging vs Virtual Staging

Any agent will tell you that selling an empty home is harder than selling a beautifully furnished one. There is no denying that home buying and selling plays a very important role in helping to sell your home faster and get the best price. However, traditional home staging is becoming more and more expensive. According to Orchard, a full-service staging — which requires renting furniture and overhauling a home — can cost as much as $10,000.

But here’s the good news… Virtual Staging can reduce staging costs by up to 97%! This form of home digital staging saves a lot of money compared to traditional staging. In addition, the physical decoration of space also takes more time than its virtual decoration. Each property will require a different design composition of furniture and decor due to the different layout and style of each home. Agents should research professional home organization companies in the area, ask for a quote, wait for them to deliver furniture and decor, and prepare to market the home.

Typically, traditional home construction takes 7-14 days to plan and set up, which is a time you don’t typically get in a highly competitive real estate market. On the other hand, virtual staging is done by designers who specialize in taking pictures of empty or outdated houses and transforming them into beautiful, fully furnished rooms using furniture and decor in the style of photorealistic way. Did we mention the virtual rig’s turnaround time is only 24-48 hours? This will save the agent a lot of time, effort and money!

Selling Arguments for Virtual Staging

If you’re looking to sell virtual staging to your clients, here are 4 selling points that will help real estate agents see the value of using staged virtual listing photos.

Powerful Marketing Tool

97% of potential home buyers start their property search online, and 85% of buyers agree that listing images are the most important factor when viewing a home online. This means that capturing compelling real estate photos is one of the most powerful marketing tools real estate agents have to work with.

Poor-quality property photography can be distracting and hinder sales. Not only is it difficult for buyers to look at a cluttered room and try to imagine themselves living there, but it can also ruin a potential buyer’s first impression and lead them to reject the property. On the other hand, using virtual staging to enhance real estate photography will help agents present attractive photos and sell homes faster and make more money.

Increases the Value of a Home

Virtual home staging is essential as it allows any real estate agent to increase the value of a home and speed up sales. As mentioned, it’s hard to convince buyers to buy a home if they don’t see its potential of the home. In addition, virtual staging allows agents to highlight special features of different parts of the property.

It can create an eye-catching home and can dramatically improve its overall value. By organizing virtually one home, real estate agents can cater to all markets and provide potential buyers with a taste of what life can be like in their new home. surname. Additionally, the agent will benefit financially from the sale because homes with high-quality photos typically receive a 47% higher asking price per square foot.

Saves Time, Effort, and Money

Brokers can save a lot of time, effort, and money by using virtual staging. For example, think of the extra time and effort it takes to find and hire a professional staging company, followed by the extra time it takes to deliver the furniture and set things up, and take photos. Not to mention the cost of hiring an actual staging company and a real estate photographer (as we mentioned earlier).

Unlike traditional home staging, virtual staging allows you to take pictures of empty rooms a day and send the staging photos to you within 24 to 48 hours. More importantly, if an agent is about to sell an empty or messy home and time is against them, going the virtual route will provide a competitive edge over other traditional sellers.

Target Specific Markets

Another advantage of virtual staging is that real estate agents can customize the space based on the style and preferences of the home or buyer demographics. From Mid Century Modern to Hamptons Beach House – Virtual Staging Editor can wave a magic wand and tweak the look of a room. Accordingly, if the agency works with wealthy individuals, the designer can fill the space with luxurious furniture and decor to help convey a sense of luxury.

Depending on the buyer’s tastes and the type of home he is looking for, he can get an idea of ​​the potential of the home and whether he finds himself living in it. In other words, virtual staging helps real estate agents deliver exactly what their clients are looking for.


It’s safe to say that virtual staging is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s internet age. Potential buyers can safely browse through thousands of listing photos from the comfort of their homes and don’t even need to take a physical visit to purchase a property. Not only is virtual staging more cost-effective than traditional staging, but it can also help agencies sell ads faster and make more money. Try using some of the stats included in this article to help you deliver a virtual system to your customers on their next check-in!

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