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A must-have newborn photography prop

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It’s critical to use newborn photography props to make your images even cuter! Props can be used to highlight the baby’s and the family’s personalities, in addition to showcasing sleepy faces and button noses.

Many of the best newborn photos you see online are frequently photoshopped, so if you want to engage in newborn photography safely, we recommend investing in the right photo props.

After all, even if you have the best camera equipment available, without a few extra baby props, your photos will appear boring and predictable, especially when photographing newborns. A photo prop can make or break your newborn photos, transforming them from plain to creative.

How Do You Prop Up a Baby Photograph?

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When deciding on which newborn baby props to purchase, the first thing you should consider is the style your clients prefer. Many times, families will come to you knowing exactly what they want or with at least a few examples.

Before your session, it’s a good idea to tell potential clients to create a Pinterest board of some of their favourite newborn photography. Using this imagery, you can get an idea of what colours and styles your new client might like. Pay close attention to whether they opt for neutral/organic tones or something more bright and eccentric. Finally, keep in mind that the newborn photography prop should not detract from the baby’s focus. The adorable little one is always the centre of attention!

The type of props you require will vary greatly depending on what the client is looking for, but we have divided our product list and items into categories to assist you in making the right decision when purchasing.

Safety and Eco-Friendly Props

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When choosing a prop for your newborn photo, the first thing you should consider is what it is made of. Keep in mind that a newborn baby’s skin is essentially a sponge and is extremely delicate. Never select anything that will irritate the baby or, worse, cause a breakout.

Choose a prop that is both comfortable and free of synthetic materials. If you’re worried about finding eco-friendly newborn photography props, simply search Amazon for “eco-friendly newborn photography props” and you’ll be greeted with a plethora of options.

What is the best fabric for newborn babies?
When looking for fabric for newborn photography, always look for the words organic. The price of the prop usually tells you the difference. Higher-quality materials are more expensive. Look for items made of cotton, bamboo, or wool. These items are more breathable and less likely to irritate the skin.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.

Must Have Newborn Photography Props

Start with this list if you need new props for your baby shoots. These are fantastic photo props that almost every newborn baby photographer has in their kit. Make sure to bring at least one of them with you on your next baby shoot.


Wraps are at the top of our list of newborn props. They are adaptable and take up little space when stored or carried with you for in-home baby sessions. We also like this photography prop because it can be used to help a newborn relax.

The majority of babies are accustomed to being swaddled. Almost all newborn photo sessions include at least one wrap pose, and they also work well for including family members in shots to safely hold the baby. Make sure to purchase a variety of wraps in various sizes, colours, and materials. Pastel colours are recommended.

Bean Bag

Getting a newborn baby into the right position can be difficult. A bean bag is an excellent photo prop for positioning the baby easily and comfortably. It conforms to the newborn’s body and serves as the ideal backdrop for the baby to stand out and remain the main focus. When placing them, take care not to startle the baby because they can easily roll-off. Place the baby in the centre of the bean bag and have a parent nearby.

Can you photograph newborns with a regular bean bag?
Make sure to look for newborn posing bean bags online, because a regular bean bag isn’t always flat on top and could submerge the baby. A vinyl cover is also recommended because it protects the prop from fluids or spit up from a newborn, which is a common occurrence. Vinyl is also easier to clean and sanitise, ensuring the safety of your next baby client.

Stands and Backgrounds

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Of course, the background is an important photography prop for newborns! You’ll want to go the extra mile and invest in a stand as well, so your background doesn’t fall on your vulnerable subject. You can buy backgrounds or simply use a cloth or a blanket as a backdrop. The stand is useful because it keeps your background from wrinkling and can also be used to block the floor.


Rugs make excellent newborn photography props because they are simple and easy to use. They, like a wrap, are easily transportable and provide a neutral, cosy backdrop. They’re also great for laying the baby naked on their stomach or having a sibling sit with the baby. Finally, a pro tip for choosing colours is to choose contrasting colours between your wrap and the rug; this will give your images more depth of field.

Headbands and Hats

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Knitted headbands and hats are always practical newborn photography props. Furthermore, it keeps the baby warm and provides them with more comfort as they sleep through your photos. Choose a colour that complements your chosen background and think about themed hats that are related to the family or a holiday.

Faux Fur

When it comes to newborn photography, faux fur can be your best friend. It looks great on its own but can also be placed inside baskets, crates, and drawers. When it comes to photography props, this can be a more expensive investment, so consider how many newborn shoots you will be doing on a regular basis before purchasing one.

Make Your Own Newborn Props

Shooting newborn photography can become repetitive, which is why it’s important to experiment with new ideas and do-it-yourself projects to differentiate your work from the competition. You can make your own photography props in just a few simple steps.

Bed of Books

This is a fantastic photo prop that is simple to make and incorporates the parents’ personalities. Find out if the parents are book nerds and what books they really enjoy before the shoot. This could also be a stack of books that they read to the baby before putting them to bed.

Letter Cutouts

Symbols make excellent newborn photography props for conveying all emotions! Before you set up your studio, find out the baby’s name so you can buy wooden letters that represent the newborn’s name or initials. When shooting, it’s a good idea to place the letters around the baby’s feet or even next to another prop in front of the newborn. You can even spell out words such as their favourite characters’ names or their parents’ initials.


This is a simple thing to do for newborn photography. Buy some candy-related props if the child was born around a specific holiday. For example, if it’s Halloween, go out and buy some candy corn. Alternatively, if it’s Easter, you could buy some Cadbury eggs and jelly beans. Get your creative juices flowing with this do-it-yourself prop.

Mom and Dad’s Hands

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These photo props are both free and easy to make! When you can include the newborn’s family, it always makes for a sweet newborn photo. Choose a close-up of dad’s arms or a cute photo of mom cuddling the child close to her face. Consider zooming in on just the baby’s feet or hands inside their parent’s hands as well.

Cheap Props

If you’ve already spent a lot of money on newborn props, you might want to consider some of these less expensive items to spice up your studio and approach to baby photography.

Colorful Bubbles

Bubbles are a simple and inexpensive newborn photography prop. For about $2, you can add vibrant colours and a lighthearted feel to any photo. Allow an assistant or parent to blow bubbles to toss and turn you while you shoot. They’re also a great alternative to a snowy or rainy day theme.


Consider putting some plastic flowers in your photo props bag. They are simple to bend and shape, and can be used to add colour to an otherwise boring sheet. Alternatively, you can weave them into the baby’s basket. Consider adding flowers to the baby’s hat; real flowers work just as well; just be mindful of allergens.


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Bows are an inexpensive and simple way to brighten up any newborn baby girl’s photos! Remember that most newborns are not used to having anything wrapped around their heads, so make sure they are swaddled or sleeping comfortably before adding a bow or head accessory. Etsy has a plethora of adorable handmade bows for newborns.

Creative Props

The use of imaginative props allows the imagination to run wild. If you’ve already tried some of the above-mentioned props, consider some of these new and innovative ideas. There is no shortage of creative ideas for your next shoot, ranging from baby “firsts” to holiday and movie themes.


As with candy, think about other holiday elements you can incorporate into your newborn photography props. Important holidays, such as the baby’s “firsts.” Christmas, birthdays, the Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving are just a few examples. Parents will want to remember their child’s firsts for the rest of their lives. Depending on the holiday, this is also an excellent time to incorporate more outfits.


If you’ve never done a movie-themed newborn session, add it to your toolkit! Ask the parents about their favourite movies and try to personalise as much as possible. Star Wars, Superman, and Harry Potter are just a few examples of popular films.


Get even more inventive by asking families about their favourite pastimes. You can personalise their newborn photo session by learning what they like. Gather as much information as possible before looking for inspiration, such as fishing, eating, music, the military, or a favourite family heirloom.

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We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best newborn photography props for your upcoming shoot! We’d like to conclude by emphasising the importance of putting the newborn’s safety first! Always file down rough edges, no matter how cool the prop is. Check for any scratchy surfaces and double-check that the baby is safe inside.

Always have an assistant keep an eye on you while you’re shooting, and if you don’t feel comfortable working alone, try shadowing an experienced photographer first. There is no shame in learning a craft from a pro before diving in, especially when it comes to babies.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.

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