31 Incredible photography techniques and photo tutorials

31 Incredible photography techniques and photo tutorials

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Photography is a skill that can’t be learned in a single day. Because most of them think that learning to take photos automatically qualifies people as a photographer. In order to be a good photographer, you must clearly show a range of techniques, tools, and creativity. I’m going to share 50 Incredible photography techniques and photo tutorials in this post. Let’s start.


tree, lake, stars-838667.jpg

This is a popular photography technique among many photographers because it is simple and still creative. Discovering a reflective surface is the most important requirement, but it is not the only one. Search for surfaces that reflect light well, such as flat water, glass, marble, or even a regular mirror. Reflecting images looks very attractive.


woman, girl, freedom-591576.jpg

You get silhouettes when taking photographs against the light. Beginning with a cool shape and making sure the background is lighter than the object is the major factor. To verify that the silhouetted object stands out against the bright background, you’ll normally need to photograph from a low angle and then upward toward the sky. When photographing silhouettes, make sure to highlight the bright background. As a result, the subject will become a dark silhouette.


seamless pattern, pattern, repeating pattern-1085285.jpg

It is useful to generate your own repetition. It is something that can be completed in both natural and artificial setups. Repetition can be seen in a line of trees or many bricks in a wall. The high level of repetition creates a texture. It’s trendy right now, and it’ll help you take your photography to greater levels.

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disc, cd, multicoloured-277445.jpg

Refraction photography is a type of photography that captures the refraction effect, in which light is bent on glass, water, or any surface to misrepresent or enlarge a subject. Photographs of refraction can be creative, imagination, and just beautiful.


picture frame, picture, frame-763299.jpg

Framing is pretty basic stuff like seeing your image through a frame, such as a doorway, a window, or the leaves of a tree. What exactly is this? A strong, graphical composition is framing your subject within another. The goal is to use the frame component to improve and complement the subject. Shooting through a doorway, pulling back curtains, branches, fences, tunnels, and so on are examples of framing photography.


fall, leaf, leaves-2874547.jpg

Color photography involves the use of media that can capture and recreate colors. The use of contrast black and white or colored photography, on the other hand, lists only one channel of brightness and uses media that can show colors.


car, traffic, vehicle-6740229.jpg

The technique of starting the camera shutter but then just horizontally moving the camera before the shutter gets closed is known as panning in still photography. Using ongoing shooting, press the shutter button well before the subject shows up at your chosen place, and start shooting until the subject has crossed through it.


blue morpho butterfly, morpho peleides, butterfly wings-2157651.jpg

The viewpoint from which the camera views the scene is termed the point of view in photography. Are you looking below at the subject? Are you doing some research on the topic? What is your closeness to the subject? It mainly focuses on the object you want to capture.


body, dark, feet-1869745.jpg

Because a shadow is the absence of light, it is used in photography to create contrast and grading. When something stands between the beam of light and the surface, a shadow is created. If the light falls on the object at the same angle, a dark shadow with well-defined edges will result. It is mostly used in photography for amazing pictures.


love, couple in love, grooms-1790143.jpg

A line is an ongoing spot that indicates motion. Lines are open and draw the viewer’s attention into a photograph or to an especially interesting spot inside it. Put the topic at the junction of multiple interconnected lines from opposite directions. It can create a great picture to attract anyone.

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tree, bald, winter-90059.jpg

Minimalist photography is defined by its extraordinary, old-fashioned simplicity. It focuses on the tiny object in the composition process and underlines simplicity. These types of images attract people to capture more pictures.


tennis, tennis ball, spinning-1381230.jpg

High-speed photography refers to images captured with an exposure duration of 1 millisecond (1/1000 of a second) or less in still photography. When you want to take good photos of moving objects, you can use high-speed photography. Objects that move quickly are interesting topics for this type of photography. It’s like you’re snowing a specific scene in time and recording it with someone’s camera.


mountain, nature, travel-6815304.jpg

The tilt effect changes the picture’s focal point, while the shift effect changes the image’s point of view. On the camera’s body, you can keep moving the lens up or down and side to side using the change button. The picture plane moves with the lens, so the camera records various areas of the total image. Tilt-shift photography is just a creative and unique type of photography in which the camera is controlled to make a living location and topic look tiny.


friends, black white background, black and white-800761.jpg

A black and white picture is one that has been removed from all colors. It is made up of different shades of grey shades that varied from black to white. The color has been removed from the grey image too. Sometimes it looks dull but nowadays, it is trendy and gives pictures classic looks.


race, cyclist, speed-3112028.jpg

Motion blur is done on purpose film also shows or blurring of a moving object in a photograph for visual effect. It’s a great way to capture movement in a still image, and it’s frequently used in nature and sporting events photography. This is all about shutter speed or how it interacts with light when it comes to motion blur. A slow shutter speed is used to make the blur. The longer your shutter speed, also known as “slow shutter speed,” the better.



The process of taking photographs while underwater is known as underwater photography. If scientists have to examine objects on the ocean bottom over time, underwater photography comes in useful. Actresses and Models are well-known for their underwater photography.


With just a few finger taps, you can create low-poly images with the Polygon Effect. What is the best way to make a polygon effect? Photography- Unlock the background of the stock picture in Photoshop. Select the entire illustration. Make a new Photoshop file to work with it. Make a selection in the shape of a triangle. Filter the results. Repeat this process endlessly.



The term “retro photography” relates to pictures that have an antique visual style or think to them. It’s a style of photography that is centered on emulating past trends. It is a photography style that takes inspiration from past decades’ trends. These types of images look great in the new era.

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woman, pretty, christmas-1820988.jpg

A wide range of photography tools can be used to create melting photography. In melting shapes like ice, liquid, ice cream, and so on, objects appear to be heaven. It is a naturally melting form of photography, but with the furthermore of many tools and effects, now we can create any melting photography.



Long exposure is a photography technique that involves sending the shutter open for a longer period of time than usual. This lets us collect the movement of a motion item or add more light to a night scene. So when the shutter speed is extremely slow then 1/60th of a second, it is considered a great exposure in photography.



Infrared photography is a type of photography that uses films or sensor systems that are sensitive to infrared light. Infrared light can be used to create special effects in photographs, such as false colors.


night, dark, horses-1352912.jpg

The event of image capture outdoors in the evening, between night or early morning, is known as night photography. In terms of giving a light-sensitive filmora a picture sensor sufficient time to capture an attractive image, night photographers generally have the option of using artificial lighting or using a long exposure, which involves exposing the picture taken for 1 second, minutes, or even hours.



It’s photography with smoke as the subject in its clearest and most basic form. Aleatoric is one of the best terms to explain smoke art photography. It is an aleatoric form of art because it is a style of expression that is created by chance and depends heavily on a random chance for its glimmer. You can photograph smoke and dust, as well as start creating the effect of smoke in various images.


macro, fly, insect-1802322.jpg

Macro photography is a form of nearby photography that was originally created for scientific purposes. Macro photography is defined as capturing a subject at a magnification of 1:1. In other words, the subject in the image is life-sized. Macro photography examples include insects, birds, and other small animals.


frozen, lake, sunset-1241163.jpg

HDR exists for a high dynamic range in photography. The range of lightest to darkest tones in a photograph is known as dynamic range. It’s a measurement of the light levels from the high points to the shadows, in other words. Sunrise and sunset have a greater dynamic range than midday, for example. This is because, in contrast to midday, when everything is just bright, like sunrise and sunset have really flashing lights from the sun and very dark silhouettes or shadows.



Panoramic photography, also known as larger format photography, is a technique for joining two together various pictures from the same camera to create a single, wide photograph that can be vertical or horizontal in size. How to start taking a photograph is as follows: Turn on the panorama mode on your phone’s camera. Vertical position for a horizontal panoramic view, or horizontally for one vertical panorama, hold the camera vertically or horizontally. iPhone users can change the panorama’s direction by tapping the arrow. To begin your panorama, press the shutter button.

3D Anaglyph Effect in Photography

3D Anaglyph Effect in Photography

Anaglyph 3D is a stereoscopic 3D effect created by encoding each eye’s image with different normally chromatically opposite filters, typically red and cyan. Two different filtered different colored pictures, one for each eye, make up an anaglyph 3D image. It looks beautiful and creative.



The background is a part of an overall scene in photography. It’s hidden behind the photograph’s main subject. With many tools as well as effects at your disposal, you can create a background that looks like a newspaper. It provides the photograph with advanced, stylish looks.


It’s a wonderful effect entirely created in Photoshop that changes any picture into a text-based image. It is visibly placed in such a way that it creates a picture that relates to the content of the text. It could be a piece of writing, a phrase, or a word, with the visual arrangement depending on specific typographic and calligraphy options. It has the possibility to boost your photography to a new level of creativity.

Self – Portrait Sketch Photography

Learning how to draw a self-portrait is a great way to practice coloring, sketching, and body shapes. Even for advanced artists, learning to sketch a realistic image of the human face can be difficult, and there’s no better way to improve your artistic skills and advance in your career path.


For a good photography outcome in this technological age, it is important to learn all of the tools and technologies available. I have shared all the photography techniques and tutorials above that everyone should know. I hope it proves to be helpful to everyone.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo

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