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If you are between 28 and 36 weeks pregnant, it is time to plan a maternity photoshoot. The variety of ideas for such a photo session can be truly overwhelming, so coming up with a unique concept can be difficult.

In any case, if you prepare unique maternity photo props, you can breathe new life into even the most mundane ideas. Interested? Continue reading the overview to find out which props and accessories are worthwhile to use.

Top 20 Maternity Photo Props

Photographers actively use pregnant photo props because they can help set the right mood and make images memorable, touching, or funny. Baby items are the most popular, including clothes, hats, socks, and booties, as well as soft toys of all sizes, nameplates, and inscriptions. Colored smoke, sonograms, and even pieces of light fabric can be used in such a photoshoot.

Toddler T-Shirt

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Show off the lovely clothes you’ve purchased for your baby. A simple baby-size jersey appears to be very adorable. As a result, you can express your eagerness and burning desire to see your sweetie.

Tiny Shoes

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If you’ve already purchased a pair of tiny shoes for your maternity photoshoot, make sure to include them in the frame. Actually, if you want to emphasize the feeling of being pregnant, this is one of the best maternity photo ideas. You can also indicate whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.


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A sonogram can replace a thousand words in describing a parent’s “first meeting” with their child. Make sure your album contains a photo of you with a sonogram. The most important thing is to choose a background that is pleasing to the eye while remaining unobtrusive. Keeping the background blurred is also a good idea.

Toddler’s Things

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All expectant mothers select their baby’s first clothes with great care. Given how colorful and bright the first bodysuit, hat, or socks are, they make excellent maternity props. After a while, you’ll be amazed at how small everything was!

Flower Wreath

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A flower wreath complements a pregnant woman’s appearance and is a great way to enhance her appearance. Images of a pregnant woman wearing a floral crown were extremely popular a few years ago, and many photographers still recommend it for a gentle and touching look.

Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.


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Balloons are versatile maternity shoot props that can be used in a variety of ways. When photographing maternity with balloons in the frame, you can experiment with their color, styling, number, and so on to achieve a tender look, a relaxed feel, or even a humorous effect. In fact, you can create a glamorous atmosphere by taking photos in a stylish studio filled with balloons.


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Don’t limit yourself to specific items when choosing pregnancy photoshoot props. For example, for a touching shot, you could use a toy or several toys. To get a truly heartwarming image, I recommend taking such photos with your husband.

Flowing Dress

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Some clothes make excellent maternity photoshoot props. A flowing gown that gently highlights your special state is the best option. If you don’t have such a dress, you can substitute satin fabric. Simply choose a fabric in calming colors such as white, creamy, beige, and so on.

Letter Board

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Go ahead and take some amusing photos if you want to. You can use a letter board to write something amusing on. You and your husband could also write something for your future child. This type of family photo idea is suitable for both outdoor and indoor photography.

 Letter Balloons

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Prepare helium letter balloons, select a scenic location, and let your imagination run wild. You will definitely get amazing photos if you have a lot of letter balloons and can play with words.


A simple hat may appear to be inappropriate for a pregnant photoshoot, but it is actually one of the best budget-friendly pregnancy photoshoot props. The only thing to keep in mind is that the brims of a har cast shadows, so you must strike a proper pose with light hitting your face.


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If you have two bikes, one large and one small, I recommend using both during the shoot. The emphasis should be on mom and dad remaining near two bicycles. Tie a child’s bike to an adult bike to symbolize the bonds.


Organize a photoshoot in the park with a plaid that you can lay on the grass to add coziness to the frame. You can either sit on it or bring your food and have a picnic on it.

 Colored Smoke

If the parents-to-be do not yet know the gender of their child, using colored smoke as props for a maternity shoot is a great idea. You must plan ahead of time: when you visit an ultrasound specialist, ask him or her to place a note with the child’s gender in an envelope and pass it on to your friends, who will choose pink or blue smoke for a photo session. Find a beautiful location to take photos that will last a lifetime.

Special Caps

This is an excellent idea for photographing both parents. Such caps will enhance the sweetness of your images and bring tears to your eyes whenever you look at them. A man standing behind his wife and hugging her is the most appropriate maternity photo pose.


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You can also take blocks with numbers and months to show how far along your pregnancy is. Most of the time, such photographs are taken on the street in a beautiful gown or at home.


A brightly colored children’s book is an excellent example of maternity photoshoot props. You can either read a book together or, if you have a large collection of books, arrange them in a thematic order. Books, in most cases, help to convey a specific atmosphere, so don’t dismiss this idea.


Despite being one of the cheapest photography props, bubbles add a unique charm to the scene that other maternity photo shoot accessories cannot. They make images more lively and even dynamic, especially if someone is blowing bubbles on a mother.


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Swings are fantastic maternity shoot props, but you can take them a step further by adorning them with vegetation or something similar for a more delicate feel. The best posture is to sit and gaze meditatively into the distance.

Milk Bath

Such images are becoming increasingly popular among expectant mothers. To achieve stunning milk bath photography results, meticulous planning is required. Half-fill the bath with warm water, then add the milk powder and corn starch mixture. Using a whisk, distribute them evenly in the water.

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Note: If you want to make some adjustments to the photo just let me know. I can do it for you at a very low cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.

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